Who Hates Their Country?


I can’t watch people suffering like this and not being able to figure it out. The reason why liberals (who tend to be wealthier than non-liberals) ritualistically express hatred towards their country is the same as why they send their kids to expensive schools that teach woke slogans.

They are trying to improve their value on the job market.

Liquid capital values workers who have no attachment to place, country and culture. Loud and repetitive denunciations of one’s country – it’s bad, it’s racist, it’s the worst – are meant to make it easier to accept the reality where country is not a meaningful concept.


That’s why they topple statues, cancel the canon, and destroy the artistic achievements. It’s easier to let go of something shitty than of something great. They are moving to a world without nation-states and are trying to make it hurt less.

It’s painful to see people endlessly name the phenomenon, as if that explained something. “They think the country is bad! It’s not true but they still think it!” Yes, obviously. The interesting question is why.

Happy International Woke Worker’s Day.

2 thoughts on “Who Hates Their Country?

  1. Perhaps the international woke workers would be appalled to discover that this day is also st. Joseph the Worker day, which was established as a feast in Catholic Church in 1955 in response to May 1st. So, happy st. Joseph the Worker day!


  2. I’m not exactly proud to be British but I appreciate the practicalities of where I live. It’s good not to have dangerous wildlife, volcanoes, earthquakes,drought etc.


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