Jordan Peterson on Tucker

So I listened to Jordan Peterson’s hour-long interview on Tucker. It’s a very good interview. I finally figured out what Jordan Peterson is about. I guess what confused me this whole time is that I couldn’t understand why he drives people so completely nuts. Everything he says is eminently reasonable. I hear most of it in church every week. Yet people are reduced to babbling incoherence by Peterson.

Once I listened to the whole interview and accepted that yes, people are, indeed, such incredible snowflakes, the mystery was solved. It’s not what he says that freaks them out. It’s the fact that he speaks, period.

6 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson on Tucker

  1. Someone on twitter suggested that the anger towards him is not because of any of his political views, but because of the banal self-help stuff. He’s reaching out to help a class of young men who they don’t think deserve help, basic empathy, etc.

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    1. Exactly! It’s all fine and good to try to help people have a better life. Just not those people. I mean, if those people turn their lives around and become productive adults with meaningful lives… then who would the freakouts be able to crap on to make themselves feel better?

      In other words, if incel internet trolls can get their lives in order, what excuse have SJWs got?

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  2. It’s not what he says that freaks them out. It’s the fact that he speaks, period.

    Exactly. This is the conclusion I reached during the first Jordan Peterson freak out back in 2016. “All the right thinking people have denounced him, but he still won’t disappear!” is what was really driving people crazy. He’s the first high profile example of someone who defied the cancel crowd by just ignoring them.

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  3. I find myself always somewhat exhausted after 10 minutes listening to Jordan Petersen . And it’s not the content as I generally agree with his viewpoints. I think it’s the delivery. He speaks like he is the owner of the absolute truth and everyone who has a different view is an idiot, no discussion. His high pitch voice is not helping.


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