Time to Return

My university has announced that everybody must come back to work on June 1. I’m very glad. I’ve honestly had it with people not answering emails or phone calls because they are “working” from home. A 14-month-long paid vacation is more than enough.

Of course, it will take time for people to reintegrate back into the workplace. Anything past 6 months out of work, and it gets complicated. Local restaurants and stores all have long lines because they can’t hire enough people. Nobody is looking for work.

7 thoughts on “Time to Return

  1. That’s great — good for your university! How has your faculty reacted to this announcement?
    At my uni, the plan is to return full time in-person in the fall. My colleagues are still debating whether it is safe to do so given that we are not forcing the in-person students to be vaccinated. (Don’t ask….)

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    1. The faculty aren’t returning yet. It’s just the workers. Nobody knows how to make faculty return. 🙂

      Although I’m proud to say that everybody but one person at my department are desperate to come back in person.


    1. This is hilarious.

      Seems like this used to be an interesting college before it was killed by the woke crowd. Somebody should just put it out of its misery.


  2. This is good news.

    Are they still doing online learning in the fall, or is everything going back to normal?


    1. We still have to do 6 feet social distancing in the classrooms, which means most classrooms are useless. If it weren’t for that, we’d have 80% people back in class.


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