Where Are the Workers?

A very young guy at the drive through window messed up our order consisting of one (1) item four times. (And it wasn’t one of those fussy coffees with paragraph-long names. I hate those). The sign next to the guy’s head said, “Please be patient with our workers. At least, they came to work. Nobody else did, so they are overwhelmed. By the way, we are hiring!”

8 thoughts on “Where Are the Workers?

  1. “The sign next to the guy’s head said, ‘[FOUR complete sentences, FIVE full clauses, and a total of TWENTY-FIVE words!]'”

    Look on the bright side — at least you had plenty of time to read the sign.

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  2. In a lot of places, restaurants and retail are nearly back to where they were pre-COVID, but schools and school-based after-school and summer programs are much further from being back to in person. Parents who would be working if they didn’t have as many hours of the day to figure out and pay for childcare are still on the sidelines until the public schools go back into session.

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  3. The workers are home collecting an extra federal payment instead of back
    At work. Business owners across the land can’t find employees due to Federal interference. And we all get to pay for it.

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  4. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, this Government Cheese is mighty tasty.

    Wonder who’s paying for it? 🙂


  5. I am of two minds on this.

    1) When your de facto UBI is higher than a job’s pay, nobody will do said job, especially when it’s a shitty job;
    2) It’s incumbent on the business to entice workers with greater perks to outpace competition.

    Of course, (2) only works when the government isn’t bleeding its tax-cattle dry to create a class of dependent serfs. It’s another economic clusterfuck that exposes problems that were already there.


    1. I’m all into businesses enticing workers with better pay and benefits. But I’m afraid this is about something else. I’m afraid we are being prepared for a gigantic open-borders experiment under the guise of “well, Americans are refusing to work, so we need Guatemalans.”

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