Tables Turned

Here’s another great quote from I Married a Communist. A father is explaining to his son why it’s important that Republicans don’t win the White House:

You despise big business, Nathan? You despise ‘the Big Boys from Wall Street’? Well, you don’t know what it is when the party of big business has its foot in the face of ordinary people. I do. I know poverty and I know hardship in ways you and your brother have been spared, thank God.”

That’s exactly what I would say today to convince a person not to vote for the Democrats.

3 thoughts on “Tables Turned

    1. That’s a good article, Cliff. My favorite quote:

      “But in practice, the project of “liberating” women from domesticity has become a Ponzi scheme, in which well-off women enjoy the fruits and freedom of feminist “progress” by outsourcing chores to a (mostly immigrant and female) servant class. We rarely hear the voices of the nannies and housekeepers whose labor allows their wealthier sisters to “lean in.”

      I work for Wall St. and can see both sides of the coin. I have benefitted financially from hard work as one of the lower paid employees. It was a struggle to pay for childcare but I found supervisors who did their best to give me good raises and “flex time”. For someone without a degree who was willing to learn and develop–I have found my company to be very family friendly before it was en vogue.

      And yes, I too would use the “big boys from Wall Street” analogy as fodder for why not to vote democrat. That power structure seems hell bent on crushing women, families, and minorities. They are also killing jobs, making gas unaffordable, and in general–making the country less safe.


    2. I found this young Spanish writer, Ana Iris Simón, who expresses the same ideas as this article but in literary fiction. Amazing stuff! Obviously, I will be writing about her and promoting her everywhere.


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