Neurotic in a Mask

Yesterday on the playground there was one masked woman with a masked child. Everybody else was unmasked.

The woman spent an hour running after her kid and dragging her away from the unmasked children she tried to play with. Kids are cruel, so they started to play that the masked girl was a monster and tyey had to run away whenever she came close.

This isn’t about masks. It’s about a parent purposefully turning her kid into a pariah. I’m on the playgrounds a lot, and kids don’t care who’s masked and who isn’t. But they do notice neurotic, freakish behavior, and they are not kind. It would have been kinder on the masked mother’s part not to come to the playground at all.

2 thoughts on “Neurotic in a Mask

  1. Few things worse than “being the only one who needs to follow the rules precisely as written” while most others around you either get to do whatever they want whenever, or at least are allowed flexibility within those edicts.


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