Building Project

I was going to demolish my deck and build a new one. Obviously, I’d hire a company to do it. But is it a bad idea to do it right now because materials are so expensive? Should I wait a year?

Is there anybody here who understands this kind of thing?

6 thoughts on “Building Project

  1. Please wait untill prices for building materials come down. My husband builds decks and does hardscaping for a living.


  2. My husband in construction said last year it was about $800 to build a deck. This year it’s $3,500. He also said his crystal ball is in the shop so he can’t predict whether waiting a year will improve matters. Materials are extremely ridiculous in price right now. If you’re a millionaire, build it because you have the money to burn. I would wait. We have not bought siding or windows for this reason. We are waiting for prices to drop. I’m sure the current government will “fix” our booming economy in another year or so. Right?


      1. I’m no expert but it might just the materials. Were I am, redoing the deck (labor and materials) is somewhere between 10,000 – 15,000. A friend of mine just had hers redone last year for 20,000 but she has multiple levels and used some sort of plastic wood, which is supposed to be more durable..


  3. I know a lot of people think the lumber prices are just a temporary high because the demand went up when everyone was bored at home and decided building projects were a worthy pursuit. But I fear the lumber prices are simply the “canary in the coal mine” for the inflation that’s well underway. If I had to wager money, it wouldn’t be on the prices going down.

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