NHJ Wasn’t Cancelled

It bothers me when people trivialize serious things and empty words of all meaning.

For example, the refusal of the UNC to grant tenure to Nikole Hannah-Jones doesn’t mean she was cancelled. It’s a minor annoyance that will have no impact on her life. If she were really cancelled, that would mean everything she ever published would be deleted, her name would be erased from every publication where she appeared at any time in her life, she’d be fired and become unemployable. This is what happened to poet Joseph Massey who is now indigent and lives in obscurity. If Hannah-Jones experienced what Massey did, I’d absolutely speak out against that.

But the whole point is that this can’t happen to Hannah-Jones. Cancel culture doesn’t strike “both sides” because only one side has the cultural power to deliver such devastating results. The right isn’t too moral to destroy a person like the left destroyed Joe Massey. It’s too weak.

And the reason why the left has this power is that it’s really good at playing these word games. It has realized that simply denying the existence of cancel culture isn’t working. So now they are turning cancel culture into a meaningless concept by attaching it to every minor inconvenience they experience. And the right is once again buying into this game. I already saw a bunch of right-wing accounts in my Twitter feed subserviently declare that NHJ was cancelled and it’s a shame.

9 thoughts on “NHJ Wasn’t Cancelled

  1. Have you seen Zelensky in his version of Ukrainian Vyshyvanka?

    Сегодня на Украине празднуется День украинской вышиванки, хотя в этой стране что не день, то праздник. Само собой, не обошлось и без курьеза. Точнее скандала. Точнее фэйс-палма. Причем не от кого-то там, а от самого украинского владыки Владимира Зеленского.

    Зайдя сегодня на аккаунт своего президента, украинский патриот застыл в изумлении – вместо богато расшитой рубахи-вышиванки на Зеленском красовалась «похана» косоворотка.



    1. Zelensky has become to Ukrainian media what Trump was to the US media. They can’t object to his policies, so they pick on the most ridiculous, tiny little things.

      It’s sad to watch.


      1. Btw, have you put a sea urchin on your icon (googled it)? Is there a reason?

        Since you like hedgehogs, I would expect you to put Hedgehog in the Fog, or let Klara pick a sparky unicorn for you. 🙂


        1. It’s actually an item of home decor that I really like. Somebody is engaging in creepy trolling behavior around my online presence, so I took down the personal photos.

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  2. Apparently the liberal narrative is that it was racism. Or so one of my colleagues told me this morning.



    1. That she wasn’t given tenure because she’s black?

      These people are hopeless.

      The woman has no academic qualifications, no scholarship. Legitimate scholars of history believe her 1619 project to be complete bunk. Why on Earth would she even need tenure? This is a joke.


      1. ” Why on Earth would she even need tenure? ”

        Because the woke take every setback as proof of evil intent? Though in the long run she can build her brand (for whatever it is she does) better outside the university…


        1. She is an amazing writer. Even though the 1619 is factually a bunch of nonsense, I could not out it down. She could be a very successful novelist.


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