A Real Dictatorship

In the meantime, the dictatorship in Belarus has hijacked a civilian airplane flying from Greece to Lithuania in order to detain a dissident who was traveling on the plane, jail him, and possibly put him to death.

But there’s nothing anybody in the West can say against this because people who violated every civil liberty in service of the global oligarchy during COVID don’t have much standing to defend freedom.

Also: this is a result of the pathetic, slobbering toadying to Putin that the Biden administration has engaged in.

23 thoughts on “A Real Dictatorship

  1. // this is a result of the pathetic, slobbering toadying to Putin that the Biden administration has engaged in.

    Haven’t you admonished Americans who saw themselves as the reason for FSU falling apart or today’s Putin’s behavior yourself?

    Lukashenko knows people turned against him and he survives on might alone. The agony of such regimes doesn’t look pretty. See: Russia. And Lukashenko is in worse position than Putin. I do not think L cares about Biden or even Putin too much, hasn’t Putin toyed with the idea to annex Belarus?

    As a funny story, my brother heard once again from me about the war in Donbass and was shocked when I said more than 10,000 people died in it.

    His first questions?
    “How many people live there?” (Since Israel is a small country and 10K is a huge number for us.)
    “But why does the world jump on us when we kill 200 Palestinians?” (Most of whom are in Hamas.)

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    1. Putin has been in power for over twenty years. He’s quite predictable. The moment he sees the US as weak, he begins overseas incursions to test how far he’s allowed to go.

      As to why nobody cares about the dead in Ukraine – or Mexico, or El Salvador, or Belarus – as the idiot who’s been making myself hoarse trying to get somebody to care, I wonder, too.

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  2. Btw, saw now a title of this firewall-protected article (so couldn’t read it). Do you think the claim in the title could be true?

    “Why are men more aggressive than women? The rage and violence in the streets of Israel were led by men. What makes them aggressive already at a young age, is it possible to create change and what has an experiment that tested aggression of boys and girls in kindergarten proved? The roots of male violence are deep, but experts argue: it has nothing to do with biology”


    1. “Why are men more aggressive than women? ”

      Aggression is universal… we’re essentially chimpanzees with higher IQs. What differs is the expression and the value given to people.
      Physically less imposing people tend to channel aggression into verbal and psychological directions while more physically imposing people don’t have to.
      Also young men are disposable so aggression is encouraged in young men in case a society has to send a bunch of them away in war. If they’re more aggressive, the feeling goes, they have a better chance of coming back alive. If not, then… more where they came from.
      Young women are more valuable (because of fertility) and physical aggression in them is frowned upon because they’ll be spending time with babies and you don’t want them punching them or throwing them against the walls when they won’t stop crying… (another reason traditional societies tend to collectivize infant care – babies, even loved ones can be really, really annoying so social pressure of the older generation helps keep them alive).
      A lot of this seems quaint in a technologically based society but human biology (or human nature) doesn’t change nearly as fast as technology.

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    1. That was disgusting, I agree.

      But the only people who are outraged that I’m seeing are the Poles. Everybody else is completely indifferent, and not because they realized that Obama was a dick.


      1. Obama was indeed a dick in this instance, but not because he was Obama. Some other president of the US would likely behave the same way or at least at the same level of dickery or even worse- this is just a consequence of US exceptionalist beliefs. And then we get a situation where you cannot have it both ways – either the US sets an example to everybody in the world and otherwise is a shining beacon of … whatever, or it is not. And if it is, one should not be surprised if others attempt emulating the US being a dick.
        As for Poland and Lithuania, they are indeed the most invested in facilitating changes in Belarus… (and just in case – this is a good thing, Belarus does need change.) And since the plane was flying to Lithuania, there were likely a lot of Lithuanian citizens on board, so Lithuania has every right to be outraged.


        1. “one should not be surprised if others attempt emulating the US being a dick.”

          It’s almost as if former Soviet peoples and governments have no agency or moral compass at all and can only copy the examples set by the US. The West Man’s Burden? Isn’t that horrendously offensive?


          1. Cliff, this is not how it actually works. Nobody has any moral compass, including the US. But if one does some shit that the US has done before, one gets the benefit of being able to complain about the US being hypocritical. It is not the Soviet people who invented these rules, this is human nature. I am sure the US will complain the same way once they cease to be the dominant country and the Chinese will become the first to come up with some shit. Maybe it is already happening with those artificial islands…
            Choosing allegiance to the country or group of counties (e.g. “the West”) does not necessarily have much to do with those countries being inherently more “moral”, most often it is just a function of being born and raised in some particular country and developing the network of connections there. (And then people just have to believe that their country is more moral to avoid cognitive dissonance.) In my case, having allegiance to the collective “West” does not abolish my critical thinking or my ability to temporarily put myself in the shoes of the opponents of the West.
            In some sense it is like with Clarissa, who at some point had to choose common sense and that led her to conservatism… One just cannot turn off the common sense…


            1. ” Nobody has any moral compass, including the US”

              I like to think I have one. I despise those responsible for the Morales incident (partly because the tinpot dictators like Lukashenka will try to hide behind it).
              Whataboutism simply leads to cynicism and nihilism and moral abdication.
              Try to imagine what Roman Protasevich is going through right now and talk about common sense.


              1. Cliff, I apologize for not being clear enough. I have no doubt that many individual people are moral and striving to be (more) moral, including yourself. But I was talking about counties with emphasis on governments. Governments and intelligence services… let’s just say I’d rather remain “cynical”.


            2. I’m sure he’ll be interested in your comments about how you can put yourself in the shoes of the opponents of the West…


        2. America First, eh? 🙂 Let’s stop being the global police and try to concentrate our own numerous problems for a change? I know I’ve heard this before, and I like it. 🙂


  3. The situation with the hijacked place is becoming weirder … Even I wouldn’t have imagined it :

    // A senior Belarus transport official said Monday that the country had received a bomb threat claiming to be from Hamas ahead of the diversion of a Ryanair passenger flight carrying a dissident.

    Artem Sikorsky, the head of the aviation department at the transport and communications ministry, read out a letter to journalists that said: “We, the soldiers of Hamas, demand that Israel cease fire in the Gaza Strip. We demand that the European Union renounces its support for Israel in this war… A bomb is planted on this flight. If you do not fulfil our demands, the bomb will explode over Vilnius on May 23.”



      1. // Do you need any more proof it was organized by the Russians?

        Hamas? No, it was helped to organize by Israel. 🙂

        I am unsure why Russians would be more likely to use Hamas excuse than Lukashenko’s servants.


        1. Lukashenko is a non-entity. He’s a puppet who doesn’t breathe if Putin doesn’t order him to. He’s like Maduro in Venezuela, a puppet.


            1. “Hamas, it’s a KGB project.”

              I thought the CW was that Hamas was, if not created, then nurtured and strengthened by Israel to weaken Fatah and keep the Palestinians at each others’ throats… (not that they’ve historically needed much outside instigation to hate each other).


    1. Not everybody who says they are HAMAS are actually HAMAS. If I wanted to force some plane to land, I’d choose some threat that is credible enough. In light of what is going on in Israel/Palestine at the moment, pretending to be HAMAS seems very logical choice.
      I believe Belorussians are capable of organizing something like that themselves. It is actually easier than snatching some Nazis from Argentina… But most likely they have indeed run it by Russia and got an OK for that. And if i were Putin, I’d surely OK something like that – since inevitable backlash from the West (however “not enough” it may seem to us) would push Belarus into Russia’s hands.


  4. Found something to thank Russia for after Hamas explained it to me:

    // Hama s spokesman Fawzi Barhoum denied Monday night that his organization had any connection to reports of a bomb threat on an airplane in Belarus for which the Palestinian terrorist group had been blamed.
    “We do not use such methods, and it is possible that those responsible are elements who seek to discredit Hamas and undermine the world’s sympathy for the Palestinian people and its legitimate opposition,” Barhoum stated.


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