Cursed with a Gift

I invented this recipe today:

I marinated some boneless skinless chicken in sour cream. While it was marinating, I mixed up some fresh garlic with a bag of fresh spinach, sumac, pomegranate molasses, and shredded mozzarella. Then I stuffed the chicken with this mix and baked it. I didn’t add salt because I usually don’t when I use cheese.

I was hoping that the chicken would last us a few days because I baked a whole tray. But it’s almost gone! Poor N had dinner three times because it’s so good.

I’m cursed with the gift of cooking. It’s impossible not to overeat. Klara is refusing to stay for lunch at church. “You cook so much better, mommy. Let’s go home for lunch instead.” I have to beg her not to comment on the food the cook makes at daycare.

My grocery bill is ridiculous because everything I cook has a million ingredients. The chemistry of food is fascinating, by the way. I play out possible recipes in my head like chess players strategize games.

4 thoughts on “Cursed with a Gift

  1. Sounds good, except you should have used bone-in chicken breasts with the skin on. The skin adds additional flavor, and the bone-in breasts have a couple more ounces of meat. Add sprinkle-on salt just before you put the food in your mouth.

    Now you’ve REALLY got a great recipe!


      1. My kids don’t like the skins, either, so sometimes when I cook a large batch of chicken, I will take the skins and throw them in the skillet with a bunch of butter or chicken fat, cook them until crispy, and sprinkle on a little salt. Better than pork rinds!


  2. Sounds delicious! I am not a great cook, but I have a lot of practice at it: we can’t afford pre-prepared food, or restaurants: we cook all the time. So even though I can’t delve into expensive ingredients and am no virtuoso in the kitchen, my kids are weirdly choosy: my mother cannot convince them to eat fast food with her. Their typical response to things like pizza and burgers is deep sigh “Mama cooks these better…”

    But they are huge suckers for restaurant waffles, because we don’t cook those at home 😉 Maybe I need a waffle iron…

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