I truly have no words:

I reread the sentence five times, thinking I must be having a brain melt. But no, it’s still there. And nobody has the slightest problem with this.

14 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. The full video is even worse than that sentence. It’s chilling — almost at the level of the recent video of Ardern and the Ministry of Truth. But if FB is working “with” the government, how is all this not a violation of the first amendment? That’s what I would like to know.

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  2. Unfortunately, I fear it is no longer bizarre. Many (most ?) people have gotten used to everything and anything coming from those in power. Maybe we have overestimated the intelligence of the average person.

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  3. Why should anyone be surprised. That sentence describes exactly how governments and political parties have interacted with and controlled traditional media for decades.

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    1. In whivh country? USSR? Nazi Germany? Here we have freedom of speech guaranteed by the constitution. This is a very new development for this country. People need to start noticing.

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      1. Are you serious? Look at Julian Assange. He was flagged for misinformation and then put into prison.

        Anyway, Ill tell you how it works in my part of the world (and most of the planet). There is a document called the constitution, or some laws, whatever – they don’t matter. That stuff is for high school civics class but not the real world.

        What matters is that you have some politicians in a congress, senate, parliament or council, who can make laws that can punish people, and give out contracts or jobs to make people rich.

        These politicians are full of interesting things to say to journalists, that can help them write interesting stories, or who can arrange for journalists to be invited to the coolest press gatherings, or even arrange interviews with interesting/rich people for them.

        In this way, you can see that politicians can make laws, make people rich, and can make journalists famous.

        Next, you have some rich people, foundations, or business people who have lots of money to use buying advertising in newspapers, television etc, who are also rich enough to give politicians “donations”.

        These people often control politicians, which means that they can control the politicians actions when it comes to writing laws, making people rich, or making journalists famous. Plus on top of course they can give newspaper editors gifts, or send them on vacation, or make their newspaper meet budget by purchasing advertising space.

        What happens in the real world and has for decades is that politicians, their staffers, the rich etc do exactly what this Psaki woman has said, which was “working with social platforms to help get trusted content out, flagging misinformation and has proposed multiple changes to how COVID-19 information is monitored and measured on social platforms, including Facebook.”

        What that looks like is that a politician, a staffer, a rich person, a board member or whatever will read a newspaper, see something that they don’t like that needs to be “flagged”, and then do something like call the people in their network to put pressure on the newspaper to stop writing things like that, or to stop interviewing certain people who have a certain point of view.

        Then, since they have the power to purchase advertising, give gifts, do favours etc they “develop a relationship” with a journalist or newspaper editor, who then becomes their preferred person to help get “trusted information out”, and thats it.


  4. The thing is though how would anyone know if there is resistance to this. Think about it, barring your normal associates how do you know what people in other cities, states, or across the country are thinking? I’ll give you a hint its generally on the same platforms mentioned above. You know the ones who are actively removing posts, twits, and videos showing any doubt, concern, etc. against this. The same ones who have publicly stated repeatedly that they were removing such posts, twits, and videos.

    As an example consider if a town in say Idaho for instance full out refused all this and declared they were going to ignore any and all Federal and State laws. People on the coastlines would only know this through it spreading from the various new media and online platforms. If both the media and the platforms are silencing anything that goes against the party viewpoint how would you know anything occurred. I mean you might hear rumors about it in a week or two through the friends of friends grapevine, but even that is mostly done online these days.


  5. It should have been obvious the minute the Dems ordered Twitter to suspend Trump’s account. Do people really think the tech CEOs can act unilaterally independently of Washington?


    1. I think it’s the other way round. Washington does what the tech companies say. Why should anybody in Washington care about “COVID misinformation”? They only care because the companies that donate to them make huge profits from COVID.

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      1. Give it a few more years and the government will be indistinguishable from the tech companies, so who is pulling whose strings will become a moot point.

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  6. “nobody has the slightest problem with this”: it’s easy to feel that way, but it isn’t true, and can’t be true.

    Consider: if everybody in the former United States of America actually did love Big Brother, why would there be any need for full-court, across-the-board censorship?

    Obviously there is substantial dissent. Also obviously, there are serious and unending efforts to create the illusion that such dissent does not exist. Those efforts are absolutely essential. If everybody who dissents from the regime could freely speak out, and hear every other dissenter speaking out, the regime would collapse.

    I expect other events this summer may make the regime demand censorship even more fiercely. By fall of this year, I strongly expect that the false peace of spring 2021 will be gone.


    1. The White House press secretary announced yesterday that COVID vaccines are FDA-approved. It’s a lie. There aren’t two shades of opinion on this. They either are or aren’t. This was a bold-faced lie. This was immediately after she started threatening to censor people for spreading COVID “misinformation.” It’s truly stunning.


      1. There’s an emerging pattern of flat-out lying — just flagrant lying that any reasonably inquisitive high-school student could see through.

        Three related recent instances, from the Biden regime and its media surrogates:

        The new laws trying to enforce clean elections in Georgia, Arizona, Texas, etc. are not “Jim Crow” laws. They are not efforts to selectively ban blacks or other racial groups from voting. Blacks are not helpless simians: they are perfectly capable of meeting the same standards of voter identification as non-blacks. Biden’s handlers are lying about this, using the zombie formerly known as Joe Biden to ululate their lie. It is an obvious slander on both blacks and Republicans who are serious about election integrity. But nobody in the mainstream media cares.

        The recent preliminary results from the Maricopa County audit in Arizona did not discover “no evidence of fraud” or “no substantial evidence of fraud” or “no evidence of substantial fraud” or whatever the latest miserable talking point from the Borg is. In Maricopa County, 73 thousand “absentee ballots” lacked any official record of having been sent. That’s unlawful, and strong evidence of fraud. If those 73K ballots are disqualified, Biden will probably end up having lost Arizona on that basis alone; and we have not even heard most of the findings of the audit yet. Now, try to find anybody in the mainstream media pointing any of that out.

        The NSA damn well did spy on Tucker Carlson and did try to discredit him by leaking their spy results to friendly (controlled) news media. The regime supporters are now admitting this, and they’re now complaining that Carlson is “un-American” for having called them out in public on their behavior. I am not making that last part up; I wish I were.

        And this is merely mid-July. Over the rest of 2021, I expect things to get worse. At some point, I expect that the regime will need to use violence, because they are trying to fully enslave the population of what used to be the United States of America. And although much of that population is willing to be subjugated, a large remnant of it is not willing to be. That is an irreconcilable and fundamental conflict, which someone will have to lose.


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