Who Deserves a Country?

In Argentina, gated communities are extremely popular with the wealthy. They are pretty, crime-free, close-knit, clean, and completely closed to outsiders. Do you know what such a gated community is called?


Like that, with an English word. “Vivo en un country.”

Only rich people deserve a country anymore. They could live anywhere but they want to live in a country, something they are denying everybody else.

So the next time they are shitting on your country, remember that they’d never say a bad word about their own. Your country is racist and located on “stolen land.” Theirs? Never. They need to destroy yours to feel comfortable in their own.

4 thoughts on “Who Deserves a Country?

  1. “Vivo en un country”

    I understand (and agree) with the larger point of the post but given traditional Argentinian Anglophilia I would wonder if the etymology is related more to the British concept of ‘country life’ or (maybe even more likely) ‘country club’ (though they’re usually not called that in the UK).


    1. The country often refers to the land outside the city and is generally considered to be where the real, traditional people live.


    2. Yes, the very first country was from “country club.” But the symbolism is striking. Those enclaves are so much like little countries. Completely independent, with very real and very protected borders.


  2. In terms of human rights, all human beings deserve reasonable living space by dint of being human, which implies that everyone deserves to live in a well regulated system ie a country.

    In reality though at the state of consciousness most people are in, the answer is that countries have nothing to do with being deserved, and everything to do with being held.


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