Viewing Habits

Why does Hunter Biden film himself naked so much? I swear, there’s not a single recording of me naked anywhere because. . . why would I want to make it? I can see myself naked any time I want, so what’s so important to record?

Is this normal behavior for a middle-aged person with a very non-spectacular, flabby body? Do people normally record themselves naked and then, what?, sit there and watch? I enjoy looking at myself more than most but I wouldn’t just sit there watching videos of trivial conversations I had, naked or dressed. It would be very boring.

Also, I don’t in any way seek Hunter Biden news but I’m starting to get a feeling that, after my husband, Hunter is the guy I’ve seen naked the most. And I could have really done without it.

8 thoughts on “Viewing Habits

  1. “Is this normal behavior”

    Is there anything normal about the Biden family?

    Of course, he’s responsible for his own choices but the environment he came from gave him no non-material advantage.

    Off the top of my head I think the naked thing is psychological, some weird combination of narcissism and/or wanting to be seen for who he thinks he is (since his hot and cold dad has spent so much time ignoring him).
    His general recklessness speaks to conflicting ideas of thinking the rules don’t apply to him and wanting to be caught and punished (lot of self-loathing there).

    Just guesses….

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        1. Yeah, is it any surprise that the guy whose dad likes to grope women and girls on camera, has a son who is so desperate for boundary enforcement that he films himself in all kinds of debauchery, and leaves the videos around for anyone to find? I think his subconscious just wants someone in authority to tell him “no”. Clearly he never got that from his parents. It’s kind of sad that he still can’t get that– from his parents or anyone else. He has scads of people willing to make excuses, run interference, and cover for him. But nobody among his friends and family who will impose boundaries.

          Kinda hellish, if you ask me.

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  2. Am I the only one staring agape at my computer over this? Am I the only one horrified and completely perplexed as to why Hunter Biden is not in prison? After all the eye witness testimony from Tony Bobulinski with PROOF of the Biden’s actually taking bribes from China–and now this naked Hunter business–how can anyone still have an iota of respect for these people? And they are dictating medical imperatives for the American people? These swine who roll around with prostitutes and grope little children? And is anyone watching Mike Lindell and all the proof he has on the stolen election?

    The Biden’s are SICK SICK SICK people.

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    1. I have long since lost my capacity for shock, when it comes to politicians in general, and that family in particular. You only go to prison if your party’s on the outs, or they’ve decided you’re not useful anymore. The Bidens are clearly still useful to the right people.

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    2. Did you see how Hunter is now an artist, selling his “art” for hundreds of thousands of dollars to mysterious buyers? This is third-world kind of bribery but everybody is staying mum. Stunning levels of corruption.

      And have people seen the footage of our president wandering lost in the bushes on Tuesday? It’s painful to see. My great-grandma had Alzheimer’s. She had the same shuffling, uncertain gait in her final months.

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