Too Early

Yesterday Klara asked me what the biggest mistakes of my life were. I was hoping to delay that conversation for at least a decade. You should have seen me squirm under a judgmental gaze of a five-year-old.

It all started when the priest said in his sermon that we shouldn’t criticize others because we have all made mistakes. Then it just snowballed from there.

4 thoughts on “Too Early

  1. Missed opportunity, Clarissa.

    We all make mistakes. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn from those experiences.

    For example, my son failed the driver’s education test because he failed to look over his left shoulder when backing up. We went back the next day and he retook the test. This time he did look over his left shoulder and passed.

    This is one reason I loved Fred Rogers. He would explain adult things in a way children understand. I wonder if your little one would enjoy an episode or two on Youtube. When I was a child, I thought Mr. Rogers was so hokey, but as an adult, I find comfort and reassurance from watching old episodes. That could be in part due to a book I read called, “I’m Proud of You” by Tim Madigan. If only every adult would approach relationships the way he did, we would live in a much more kind society.


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