It’s Here

Canada is refusing to take back its citizens on the strength of a Canadian passport alone. The US abandons citizens in Afghanistan.

If you think these things are unrelated, you are missing the most important development of our times, which is the substitution of the nation-state model of governance with a completely new model. The biopolitical neoliberal regime has arrived.

6 thoughts on “It’s Here

  1. “the biopolitical neoliberal regime has arrived”

    Isn’t it weird how closely it resembles conspiracy theories of 10 years ago?

    “Conspiracy theory” is rapidly evolving from “something only crazy people believe” to “knowledge that’s ahead of the curve”.

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    1. And the process is accelerating. It was less than a year ago that the very same people who scoffed at my concerns that we’ll soon see vaccine passports are now loudly advocating for vaccine passports.

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      1. It is, I think, Dreher’s one big contribution to the vocabulary of our times: The Law of Merited Impossibility: “It’ll never happen, and when it does, you people will deserve it.”

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      2. This makes me understand the history of 20th century much better. The good news is that totalitarianism always falls.


  2. Jesse Kelly did a whole show last night on Government Corruption that aligns with this post. I also follow other blogs that are this. Sometimes, I imagine all the people reading these things and then getting up and not doing anything and I get really upset. I have spoken up and I’m shoved back down. Those in power win. The Conservative Treehouse said the biggest question they get is, “what can we do to stop this?” I have friends in the medical profession and teachers who say they will not comply with vaccine mandates. And I actually met a neighbor last night who is struggling with long term adverse reactions to the vaccine. She is just shocked at what is happening to her body. Shocked! And it’s all about money and power. It makes me really sad. Oh, and really angry!

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