Senility or Snub?

People who are saying that Biden wasn’t asleep during the encounter with the Israeli PM don’t seem to understand that what they are suggesting happened is worse. They say he simply looked down for a chunk of time.

Falling asleep is something you can’t help. If it’s an unintentional blunder by a decrepit old man, it’s bad but at least it’s not intentionally offensive.

But if a politician with a half-century experience in politics can’t be bothered to fake interest in what a foreign leader is saying or in a tribute to fallen Marines, that’s a purposeful snub. Making an interested face is the #1 qualification for a politician. So either Biden is so senile that he forgot the habits of a lifetime, or he was showing disrespect on purpose. The man has been in politics longer than I’ve been alive. Senility is a much more benign explanation here.

8 thoughts on “Senility or Snub?

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    This post does not make sense, at least to me. If I want to pay attention to what someone is saying, I CANNOT look at their face. I think President Biden’s mind may work in a similar way. Facial expressions are simply too distracting. Watching someones face and listening to what they say at the same time is a profoundly difficult kind of multi-tasking. It is easier to concentrate on what someone says on the telephone.

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    1. There’s a thing called diplomatic protocol. You don’t need to listen because a written version of the official remarks is always provided. What you have to do is demonstrate friendliness and a profound interest even when you are bored to tears.

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    2. I always look people directly in the eye when we speak and expect them to look at me. Many people have an annoying habit of staring to one side while carrying on a conversation, and to me this is unintentionally rude behavior. Why are they afraid of my eyes?

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      1. I stare to the side when I’m trying to be as precise as possible, that is, when I’m really looking for words. But I can control myself and not do it if it’s inappropriate in a given situation.


  2. “They say he simply looked down for a chunk of time”

    To know what was going on a person needs to know his baseline. Does he have a history of looking down intently when others are speaking to him in public? There should be resources available (such as meetings with other heads of state). Personally, I can’t be arsed to look through a bunch of old Joe Biden meets dignitary videos, but if this were an established pattern then presumably people would be pointing that out.

    This (and the existing evidence that Biden is not the most…. reflective guy around) leads to me hypothesize that it’s a deviation from his normal behavior and…. not necessarily bad but given the current context…. pretty bad.

    In other news, what about these weird reports of Kamala Harris being carried out like a sack of old Hillary Clinton at a ceremony the other day? The film shows people carrying some woman and Harris wasn’t visible later so…. what’s up with that?

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  3. I think that most people in the Western world feel like the US election and president aren’t as foreign as non Western nations because the US election is broadcast to us intensively, as well as because it is generally accepted that the US plays a significant role in our politics.

    On that basis and also because many of us are convinced that Biden is a Weekend at Bernies style stage prop who is rolled out to make noises before real discussions happen later with those who are really making decisions, I don’t think that it is really possible to be offended by his falling asleep or think that he is snubbing anyone.

    Those things can only happen if a politician can actually mean what they do & say.

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  4. Falling asleep on such an occasion IS something you can help, especially if you’re the leader of the free world. Theres a telling photo of Biden snoozing at cop 26. so the only people who should be offended are American voters. They’ve been betrayed by the democrat party who put Biden up as the best candidate . Can you imagine it? The best candidate. Betrayed by Jill Biden who knows that he’s old and mentally damaged and allowed it to happen., And betrayed by the left press who hid it from them, are still doing their best to protect Biden. What a disgrace.


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