Worker as a Billboard

Because customers routinely address staff in the third person, as in “His Royal Highness,” etc. Workers care about not having their appellations messed up a lot more than they do about decent working conditions and not being used as billboards on which their employers signal their great virtue.

Remember when people cared about the working conditions and compensation and not what slogan was written on the workers? I miss those times.

6 thoughts on “Worker as a Billboard

  1. I work at Target. This has happened here in the past year. Choose your own pronoun! I asked that they print “dude” on my nametag. Management was quite upset. Meetings were held. Verbal spankings were given. CRT training started last week, too!

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    1. Haha! When I worked in food service, we had nametags. One day, the bakers got hold of the label printer, and customized their tags, so that instead of saying “Name, Baker” They all read “Name, Masterbaker”. The managers never made them change it, either.

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      1. I liked wearing my name tag upside down, or switching it with my father’s (he almost never wears his). Just to see if people noticed.


        1. After the masterbaker incident, some employees took the liberty of giving themselves other hilarious titles and pseudonyms. It was a small enough crew that we all knew each other’s names anyway, so it was not important except for customer complaint purposes anyway. And it was just as easy for someone to complain about “J-Dawg” or “Queen Cindy” as it was to use our actual names. Management had an actual sense of humor, which was nice.

          When I found out about the required “flair” that employees at places like TGIFriday’s have to wear, that seemed way over the line.

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  2. It seems that UK elites are trying to out-woke their wokester Canadian cousins.

    Nice try, but (us/them/we/ne-nem-nir/ne /zee-zim) colonials have you British pantywaists completely beat!

    (And, for a little context on the totality of the woke consensus within Canada’s ruling classes…)


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