Lifelong Consent

One striking reversal of course that nobody noticed was that the left has now abandoned the concept of spousal rape and date rape and did so with alarming ease. Michelle Goldberg in the NYTimes informed us recently that the rape of a teenage girl in a school bathroom in Virginia isn’t rape but “relationship violence,” since the girl allegedly had relations with the rapist previously.

So remember, if you consented to sex with somebody in the past, he can’t rape you. Consent is apparently granted for life. At least, if the rapist is pleasing to the left and has some fashionable identity. We’ve been #MeTooed straight back to the middle ages.

7 thoughts on “Lifelong Consent

  1. Isn’t this just another example of relativism? There is no moral truth. The definitions keeps changing. We are living in cultural quicksand. It’s a quagmire of perpetual nonsense. Worse; it’s not just an idea – it’s a tangible harm that’s happening with primarily women and children as victims. Someone was raped but it’s not rape. So they add gaslighting to their list of abuses. “You weren’t raped.”

    A good friend of mine was being raped by her husband and went to the church for help. They said spousal rape wasn’t possible. They added to the trauma. They made her think she was nuts. I told her she wasn’t and insisted she get help and counseling. They both did and found healing and hope. This is only possible in light of the grace and forgiveness of Jesus (He forgives us for our sin so that we forgive others). They left the church. He stopped abusing her and they found reconciliation. We don’t hear many stories like this but they happen all the time (visit any recovery group).

    As soon as we stop calling evil out for what it is, we are not equipped to deal with it. How do you treat something without a diagnosis? This is why Christianity is still relevant. Christianity sets the moral standard for good and evil. Otherwise, we are flailing in the wind.

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    1. And it changes so fast. Three minutes ago, if you didn’t seek “affirmative consent” during every stage of intercourse, you were a rapist. Now all of a sudden, rape isn’t rape if the victim consented to something last month.

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  2. “We’ve been #MeTooed straight back to the middle ages”

    The wonders of modern feminism — they’re back to deferring to the wishes of men.

    And the sacred duty of making sure that their kids stay in front of a computer that leftists/liberals/progressives love means more women staying home.

    Isn’t it weird how 2020s feminists resemble 1950s club women?


    1. I honestly didn’t expect the idea that consenting once means you can’t be raped to make a recovery. In the USSR, it wasn’t a rape if you weren’t a virgin. I’ve been hoping that in the US we were past this kind of thing. At least, when minors were involved.

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  3. Wasn’t he convicted, though? From what I read the school board had tried to cover it up but family got police involved and court convicted? All is not lost


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