Boy Stuff

Based on the previews, this must be a movie for 14-year-old boys. For my sins, is it going to be a Bildungsroman?

Worker as a Billboard

Because customers routinely address staff in the third person, as in “His Royal Highness,” etc. Workers care about not having their appellations messed up a lot more than they do about decent working conditions and not being used as billboards on which their employers signal their great virtue.

Remember when people cared about the working conditions and compensation and not what slogan was written on the workers? I miss those times.

Lifelong Consent

One striking reversal of course that nobody noticed was that the left has now abandoned the concept of spousal rape and date rape and did so with alarming ease. Michelle Goldberg in the NYTimes informed us recently that the rape of a teenage girl in a school bathroom in Virginia isn’t rape but “relationship violence,” since the girl allegedly had relations with the rapist previously.

So remember, if you consented to sex with somebody in the past, he can’t rape you. Consent is apparently granted for life. At least, if the rapist is pleasing to the left and has some fashionable identity. We’ve been #MeTooed straight back to the middle ages.

Explanation and Concession

Inspired by a talk with a colleague, I have this piece of advice to offer. If you are asked something you don’t want to grant and feel it’s an imposition to ask, say no and don’t offer any explanations. The moment you start explaining the reasons for the refusal, you lose power. People who explain why not open themselves to a possibility that their arguments can be contested. Remember this: an explanation is halfway to concession.

Early Sunrise

Until Klara started kindergarten I never woke up before 8:30 am, so I didn’t know how amazing daylight savings time really was. Today the sun was up before 6:30. She got up herself, dressed, washed, and was ready for breakfast before I even had time to prepare it. It’s heavenly. And she is ready for bed earlier because it’s dark outside by 6 pm.

💜💜💜 daylight savings. 🤬🤬🤬 childless whiners who are opposed.

Casual Cruelty

A school district in Michigan decided to stop holding classes on Fridays. Instead, students stay home and do “remote learning.” Obviously, this means that the parents must lose their jobs. Just like that, no warning. You thought you could plan your life a whole week ahead, you stupid peon? Ha ha.

The school district in question is 94% black and 56% low-income but not a single anti-racist or socialist has noticed or had a problem with this.

This kind of casual cruelty is going to become an inevitable feature of all public services. Remember the “universal free pre-K”? Avoid it with all you’ve got or prepare to be screwed in ways you don’t want to experience.