Instead of making teachers in public schools actually teach instead of assigning this stupid “internet homework,” these bastards are robbing several more trillion from the people to put them in the pocket of an already fabulously rich broadband and “online homework solutions” provider.

I’m particularly impressed by how this “internet homework” is being presented as something completely natural and even beneficial.

Re-imagine This

I interviewed a graduate student from India for an assistantship job. She’s in computer science.

“Are you sure you will have time for this job?” I asked. “You must be very busy with your studies.”

The student smiled shyly. “Oh,” she said, “actually, I have so much time. The way coding is taught here. . . I already know all of it. It’s at such a different level than we do it. It’s very much. . . for beginners.”

She’s here for the visa, not the knowledge. We have no knowledge to give because we are hopelessly, pathetically behind. Instead of gearing our programs towards students who are capable of succeeding in their subjects, we embrace an insane, unscientific myth that nobody is naturally gifted and that every brain is an exact copy of everybody else’s. We “deemphasize calculus” and everything else that requires a stronger brain capacity to pretend that people are interchangeable widgets.

Gosh, even in the USSR we had schools for the mathematically gifted, the linguistically gifted, the athletically gifted, etc. The Soviets were ideological but not to the point of destroying the mathematical sciences in service of the ideology.

Mind you, though, this is not an accidental insanity that can be corrected. This is the foundation of the left’s worldview. Either people are identical dolls painted different color or they aren’t. Differences between individuals and groups that are in-born, not socially manufactured, either exist or they don’t. Either the gap can be closed or it can’t because some people just don’t have the brains for it.

Once you accept that some people are mathematically gifted while others aren’t, you can no longer argue that everything can be changed, engineered away, “re-imagined.”