Left of Communism

Behold the new president of Chile:

Lord have mercy on Chile.

7 thoughts on “Left of Communism

    1. Yes, the toilet paper is the first to go with the installment of a leftist totalitarian regime. That reminds me of 2020 in the USA when it was difficult to get the toilet paper for a few months. I wonder if it was a sign…


  1. From the little I know, Chile seems very divided right now. Seems the only two options was this guy and the other one a far right Bolsonaro-like figure, whose father was literally a German Nazi.

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    1. It’s the same as in Peru. The two candidates were horrid. This is one of the flaws of a multiparty system. Radicals have a chance to get elected because the there are so many moderate, reasonable options in the center that they split the field and in the final round only the two radical idiots remain.

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      1. “so many moderate, reasonable options ”

        You can say many positive things about Latin Americans, but IME “many moderate reasonable options” is not one of those things….


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