Don’t Judge the Gamble

I don’t get the people who keep saying that Kyle Rittenhouse should avoid publicity and “go back to normal.” Have they read about his family? Do they fully understand what his “normal” is like? Would you want to go back to that kind of normalcy if you had a chance to escape it?

He now has a nationally recognizable name. He has a chance of enormous class mobility that otherwise he’d never get. He can meet famous people, make money, develop a brand. Maybe he’ll fail but you’ve got to be a Tibetan monk to reject such an opportunity.

When you get a chance to reject wealth, comfort and fame for a life of anonymous striving, then judge this kid. Otherwise, honestly, I find it very hard to believe that you wouldn’t take this gamble.

13 thoughts on “Don’t Judge the Gamble

  1. I’m still very impressed how well he handled himself that day under so much pressure. He managed to quickly neutralize his assailants without injuring anybody else or firing like crazy. He definitely was impressive that day.

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    1. Very much my thoughts. Dude was using a high-powered rifle, in a chaotic urban environment, in the dark, under immense pressure, and there were no accidental casualties. There are tons of stories out there about cops and feds doing a lot worse.

      In nicer circumstances, there’d be competitive shooting organizations trying to sign the guy up. In reality, I think the PTSD would make that prospect unappealing.

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      1. I too found it amazing, bordering on miraculous, that in those insane circumstances, Kyle managed to not so much as injure anyone who was not threatening his life. My personal opinion is that the kid deserves the Medal of Freedom for having rid the world of two dangerous lowlifes who, had they lived, would certainly have committed more crimes against innocent people.

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        1. IKR? I’m not sure if Kyle is a brilliant gunman, or if his guardian angel was working overtime that night.

          Dunno about medal of honor, but that Rosenbaum character, from what I saw, had likely molested at least ten kids under age 12. He was one of those creeps who dates single moms to get access to their offspring. I will never understand why he was not in jail, but that situation is revoltingly common, and there is no way he was going to stop on his own. Kyle couldn’t have known it, but he probably spared a dozen or more from that guy’s predilections.

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          1. That’s why I lean toward the guardian angel hypothesis. I was surprised to learn (from an interview with Kyle by Steven Crowder) that Kyle wasn’t really into guns all that much. He knew how to use one, obviously, but he wasn’t one of those guys who got his jollies going to the range all the time to practice target shooting. The fact that he avoided harming any innocent people seems inexplicable apart from some kind of divine intervention, and the world will not miss that despicable child rapist one bit.

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    2. “how well he handled himself that day under so much pressure”

      Not only that night but in the trial as well. He seems to have done / be doing a very good job of playing the (mostly crappy) cards he’s been dealt.

      I think that’s one more reason so many dems/leftists hate him. They’ve gone all in on idolizing mental illness as some kind of deivine state that a person who deals with reality on its own terms seems…. evil, somehow.

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      1. “By their fruits you will know them”

        I really don’t think the left’s current love affair with perverts, domestic abusers, violent addicts, armed burglars, etc. is mere idiocy or accident. I think it’s a big orange blinking signpost pointing to who and what is motivating them– and intelligent people of good will have absolutely no excuse for ignoring it and continuing to support modern US progressivism.

        I think the only conclusion to be draw there, is that the people who are still loyal to that movement are either pitifully dumb, or wilfully evil. What other options are there?

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        1. The other day, I saw a photo of a 13-year-old girl with amputated breasts standing next to a smiling, happy surgeon. I have absolutely no idea how anybody who isn’t completely insane can think this isn’t a terrible crime that requires everybody involved (except the child, obviously) to be jailed immediately. The mother, in particular, should be a figure of international opprobrium for this crime. These are horrible, perverted bastards. I get so angry when I think about it that my blood pressure shoots up.

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    1. “Being a public figure is unpleasant n

      A return to the precariat (after making powerful enemies) can also be unpleasant…. apparently many democrats and leftists of various stripes still think of him as a cold blooded killer… and hate him for ‘crossing state lines’ and for killing a precious pedophile rapist (why do dems love the pedos so much now? they haven’t always… what a weird choice to start idolizing them now….)

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      1. Whether he likes being a public figure or not, it’s probably smart to go for the $$ right now, so he can afford extra security for a while. What are the odds he and his family aren’t still getting death threats and stalkers?

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  2. More power to him.
    Why shouldn’t Rittenhouse take advantage of what fate and circumstance has sent his way via this somewhat bizarre series of situational and personal reaction cause-and-effect scenario?

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