Unalloyed Good

By the way, yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the most wonderful political / collective event I experienced in my lifetime: the end of the USSR. It’s rare that you can say about an event of this magnitude that it was an unalloyed, luminous good but this one was.

11 thoughts on “Unalloyed Good

  1. Next time you want to do some memes, let’s do “how it started/how it’s going” with this.

    I’ll have to counter with pictures of the American part of my family causing the untimely death of some of the British part of my family on the Delaware River in the name of freedom and emancipation from unjust taxation and rule from afar, combined with how that’s going now.

    “It’s a good Christmas: we haven’t drowned anyone today, set fire to people’s homes, or participated in an armed insurrection” gets a few looks until the events of one Christmas in particular get a full explanation.

    So this is a good Christmas. 🙂


    1. The last sentence of the linked post is spot-on. We are about three seconds away from that. But we deserve that if we don’t grow some balls and push back.


      1. // But we deserve that if we don’t grow some balls and push back.

        Who are “we”?

        We the Jews do not deserve that.

        The Western people will be glad to feel PC permission to attack Jews, while Muslims will be delighted at Western adoption of their narrative.


          1. News like these do make impact, it’s not a victim mode:

            “An Israeli woman was lightly wounded Wednesday in a stabbing attack in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

            Police apprehended a 14-year-old Palestinian teen, Nofoud Jad Araf Hamad, from the neighborhood. She is suspected of stabbing the 26-year-old Israeli woman with a knife while she was crossing the street with her daughter.

            Hamad fled the scene after the attack and was found about an hour later at the nearby Al-Rawdah girls’ school.

            Hamad’s family is among those in Sheikh Jarrah who have immediate eviction orders pending against them; her grandfather is a prominent activist against the evictions.”


            “One Israeli dead, 2 hurt in shooting attack near West Bank outpost
            Group shot at while driving towards gate of neighboring settlement of Shavei Shomron; IDF searching area for culprits; incident comes amid increased tensions and uptick in lone-wolf attacks”


          2. Btw, those are just this month’s news and I haven’t quoted more cases of (attempted) attacks.

            Everything I read points to EU and USA Muslims not liking me very much either.


  2. You once mentioned reading Просвирнина – “Спутник и Погром”, right?

    “27 декабря стало известно о том, что обнаженный мужчина выпал из окна многоэтажного дома на Тверском бульваре в Москве и умер еще до приезда скорой помощи. Позже родственники опознали погибшего и подтвердили, что это был Просвирнин. Обстоятельства случившегося пока неизвестны”.

    Мир праху. Крылов, Марцинкевич, теперь вот Просвирнин… Как-то опасно быть в России русским националистом.

    За год до своей кончины, в ответ на вопрос интервьюера: «Почему ты себя больше не идентифицируешь себя как “русский националист? Почему ты выписался из движа?” Он ответил: “Нельзя выписаться из движа, когда движа нет. Причем не только национального, но и коммунистического, либерального, какого угодно. Политика в РФ сдохла».



    1. Wow.

      For those who don’t speak Russian, the most famous remaining Russian nationalist died today at the age of 35 in suspicious circumstances. He always predicted Putin was going to kill him, like he killed the rest of the leading Russian nationalists.


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