COVID vs Welfare

The number of people who died with COVID in Quebec yesterday is 9. In response to this plague of Biblical proportions, the provincial government declared a lockdown and moved schools online until January 17.

The strength and painfulness of COVID restrictions in a given area depends on how strong the welfare state there is. More welfare means greater COVID restrictions. It’s easy to see why that is. People of Quebec are very attached to their extremely robust welfare. It will be hard to make them relinquish it. So they need to be disciplined harder, beaten down more severely.

3 thoughts on “COVID vs Welfare

  1. 9 OUT OF a population of 8,604,500 (data from, that is to say, slightly over 1 per million, i.e. a statistically insignificant figure.
    If you wanted proof that the education system in Québec is screwed up – which is notorious – here you have it.
    Everybody should read “How to Lie with Statistics”, by Darrell Huff.


    1. Hmm, didn’t you hear that the Scientific American magazine recently informed us that the “so-called normal distribution in statistics assumes that there are default humans who serve as the standard that the rest of us can be accurately measured against.” And genetics has been disproven as a racist hoax.

      It’s curious how the left always ends up trying to abolish science because it contradicts the left’s bizarre ideas.


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