Strange Revelations

The scariest part is that people who live in Quebec don’t know that daily deaths are in single digits.

The information comes up on Google with a simple search.

But they don’t search.

All they know is that the TV told them there are “13,000 cases.” What does that mean in terms of hospitalizations or symptoms? Nobody asks because they haven’t been told to ask.

I must have lived my life incorrectly this whole time because I swear to God and every saint that I had absolutely no idea people were capable of such sheepish behavior. They can’t even be assed to google it! It’s fucking creepy.

“We have so many cases!” they bleat. “13,000 cases!”

“How many deaths?” I ask.

“I don’t know but it’s A LOT.”

“It’s 9 today.”

“Oh, well. I don’t know about that. I’m not good with numbers. But it’s really bad!”

We are two years in, folks. And these gigantic doofuses haven’t even learned to Google for themselves.

4 thoughts on “Strange Revelations

    1. People tend to get upset with me when I mention these easily googlable numbers. I feel like a cruel adult informing a toddler that there is no Santa.

      “But how could you? It was so magical! Such a beautiful dream!”

      I should stop trying to talk to people about this because it feels like I’m being needlessly cruel.

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  1. 9 out of a population of 8,604,500 (data from, that is to say slightly over 1 per million, i.e. a statistically insignificant figure. If anyone needed proof that Québec’s education system is screwed up, here you have it.
    Everybody should read “How to Lie with Statistics”, by Darrell Huff.

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