I’m not sure if it refers to “men” or actual men, and if it’s actual men, then how do they prove they are connected to each particular abortion? I’m also not sure why they need 12 weeks. Is an abortion now officially accepted as such a tragedy that everybody involved spends months in recovery? Or is it a great feat that needs to be rewarded with a paid vacation?

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  1. So anytime someone wants twelve weeks off with pay, all they have to do is say they’re having an abortion? Will they need a note from their abortionist, affirming that they were pregnant and the abortionist killed the baby, or will the person’s word be good enough? Will there be a limit to how many abortions someone can get twelve weeks off for in a given year? Inquiring minds want to know.

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    1. Theoretically, one could never work again. At least it is extremely unlikely even in a maximum fertility situation for a woman to give birth or even adopt more than once a year.
      Way to incentivize not hiring women of reproductive age.

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  2. It sounds like the jealousy of the wilfully childless. If those breeders over there get time off for a simple medical event involving reproduction, I should too. Abortion is hard on the body but I can’t imagine that it has comparable impact to term delivery while caring for a newborn.
    I saw this all the time when I was working when women with families got time off for school holidays, etc. Maybe it wasn’t always strictly fair but what sensible person cares? Children have to be looked after and variations in schedule are challenging for working parents.
    Of course, a person who orients their entire mindset around unthinking envy like this isn’t likely to be able to make that kind of adjustment. Equity rots the brain.

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