End of Year

It’s good that my husband and I don’t both work from home because I discovered today that he sets himself a timer to keep his lunch break under 15 minutes. The concept of keeping a break under anything is so alien to me that I’d rather not know about this at all.

In other news, I’ve been cooking our New Year’s dinner, which is a multi-day affair, especially since we will be having company. As usual, I’m doing a typical Soviet menu. Soviet New Year’s food was a pretext for people to eat as much mayonnaise as possible but I’m out of luck because local Russian-speakers wiped out the Global Foods Store, leaving none of the familiar Soviet stuff. No mayonnaise, no Soviet-style pickles. A single can of peas (which are vastly superior to whatever passes for canned peas in North America) that I snapped up. No beets! It’s not New Year’s without at least two beet dishes.

By the way, in the last 10 years, in Montreal caviar at the same Russian store went from $35 a kilo to $130 a kilo. In St Louis, the price increase has been a little less steep but comparable.

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