The Quebecois Experiment

The authorities of Quebec are conducting a multi-year experiment to find out if it’s possible to get the people of Quebec to grow some dignity and not be patient, submissive little bitches. For now, the experiment is showing that no, it’s not possible.

Let’s give it 4-5 more years as everybody else lives a normal life and shares stories about Quebec at a restaurant over a meal with friends.

19 thoughts on “The Quebecois Experiment

  1. Hijacking Talleyrand’s famous quote about the Bourbons…

    Ils n’ont rien appris et oublié tout

    (They learned nothing and forgot everything)


      1. “It was more like…”

        On second thought, perhaps I misunderstood what you were trying to say – you were being literal.

        I believe the quote attributed to Talleyrand is actually “Ils n’ont rien appris, ni rien oublié“.

        I ‘hijacked’ this quote to make Legault and Quebec’s public health morons appear a degree stupider than the Bourbons in the sense that they had learned nothing and forgotten everything about their policy failures over the last two years.


  2. I’m in Florida. Since October I 75 and the Florida Turnpike have been becoming progressively worse. Understand that they are always bad, but in the past it has been normally just crazy traffic, not constant stop and go with inevitable traffic jams like now.

    Since October, I haven’t made a single trip from Wildwood to Ocala (I go to Latin mass every Sunday afternoon there, with occasional trips there for other reasons) or one of my more occasional trips to Gainesville without traffic jam stopping and slowing me. I started avoiding the interstate, but the traffic jams are infesting US 27, 301, 441 and north south state routes, too.

    I had to go to the VA in Gainesville twice this past week. The trip normally takes about and hour and a half one way. Both trips this week were two and half hours long each way. I bounced from route to route looking for a clear road. There was nothing. Central Florida is just one gigantic snarl of traffic. It has been utterly insane,

    I noticed a number of cars with Québec plates, probably a couple dozen out of the many thousands from away.. I’m originally from Jackman, un petit village perdu au milieu du bois, c’est a dire au milieu de nul part.. notre ligne de definition, la truc qui nous se oriente, qui donne un tache de la definition là – c’est à dire de la signifgance parmi la ocean infini de toute nos arbres – est la frontière québécoise..

    When I was young I used to romantically objectify the Québécois, but now that they have so wholeheartedly and belatedly embraced the Revolution, even throwing up illegitimate spawn of Fidel as their commissar, I find I must subjectively define myself in opposition to most of them.. All of which is merely to say I pay close attention to les signes de Québec, parceque je les aime mes pauvres voisins perdus, all those silly self deracinated foolishly auto emasculated tools shriveling away underneath all those drifts of ice and snow up there.

    A few of them now pry free the entrancement of their icy Christmass-less enslavement, fleeing the cruel rapacity of that Great White Witch Karen, seeking Southern refuge. I’m always glad to see them, happy to meet them, no matter where we happen to be.

    Floridaman perpetually haunts the wooly swamps here, an object of ridicule and fear. He, Uncle Remus and the Ghost of Osceola care for br’er rabbit and the sacred secreted waters of the Foreverglades once and ever entrusted them by Juan Ponce de Léon.

    It’s amusing how, despite their habitual contempt and mockery of the Cracker, so many self alienated bourgeoisie now flee for his protection and succor. I only pray that they do not come in Colonnes Infernales, perhaps forcing me into a role similar to that of Jean-Nicolas Stofflet’s .. qui sait? c’est toujours un vrai mystère la vie.. qui vivra verra..

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    1. You reckon the traffic is just the sheer increase in numbers recently? Or are the newcomers having an outsized impact by not being used to local driving customs?

      I mean, Gainesville has always been… special, where you have to count to five after the light turns green and wait for three people to run the red on the other side, to avoid getting T-boned. Whatever. I’ve always found the rest of the state to be “normal” because I learned to drive there… but when I moved to Boston and had to re-learn every single driving convention I thought I already knew, only then did it hit me how very, very different the rules are from one place to another.

      I will not say anything bad about Boston drivers: they are some of the most skilled in the country. But when they come to FL and try to drive the same way there… yikes. I can only imagine what it’s like with 700,000 newly-minted Florida residents from all over CA, NY, IL and I guess Canada also. Perhaps it is not a good year to visit St. Pete. Thanks for the warning.


      1. There are without question many, many people from out of state here in Florida, now. I wish we weren’t so mobbed, because it is a bit annoying, but I’m also heartened by it. People are voting with their presence and pocketbooks, confirming us in our defiance of all the idiocy inducing fear consuming much of the rest of the country. God bless everyone who came, I’m very glad you are here.

        Florida’s is still a culture of anarchic traditionalism and respect, an ethic of individualistic communitarian liberalism, that same culture that – if you are old enough to remember, as I am – used to define our entire country not all that long ago. The more people who come here, and are reminded of what we used to have, who we not so long ago used to be, the better.

        So please do come. You should come, so long as you promise not to attempt inflicting any totalitarian terrorism or other mind war games upon us. I know you won’t, so do. Whatever you do, don’t let it be anxiety over threat of a little traffic in Tampa or wherever that keeps you from visiting.

        My brother left to go home to Virginia this morning after a beautiful masquerade and terror free week with us. The only thing he had to cancel was his planned day at the theme parks, because those plutocratic twits there are indulging in COVID totalitarian terror theatre, making everyone get reservations in advance, which he did not realize he had to do, until it was too late. Tant pis, comme on dit. To hell with them, I say. I always tell him he’s nuts for subjecting himself to all that fabricated saccharine bullshit, anyway. We went swimming and played boardgames with the kids, instead. A much better time was had by everyone.

        He’s breaking his return trip with a stop at Hilton Head, that normally is five hours north of here.. He left early to get a head start to outrun the mob. That sort of strategizing is, as everywhere always, key: drive when when you’re sure no one else is on the road. Notice everyone else’s patterns of behavior, and begin your trip long before or after they do, then try to break and pace your trip in relation to where there will be more people along the route, avoiding the flux and madness of the crowds.

        As for driving style, I’ve taken to driving 5 mph less than the limit everywhere, letting Southern chivalry and gentillesse define my interaction with other drivers..

        Unless I happen to encounter an especially impudent, insolent New Yorker, in which case I release the Yankee Kraken I once caught driving along 495/128 from Providence to Salem back in college.. I only let that downeast demon possess me in particular circumstances. I always keep deep magic of the eldritch ones in reserve, to tap in moments of extremity.. Porque si te metes con el toro, te tocan los cuernos, me entiendes?

        Don’t mess with a copperhead is basically what I’m saying, especially if you happen to be a carpetbagger.


        1. Haha– I’m a panhandle native, and my family’s still there– traffic’s not too crazy on I-10 yet. I didn’t move far– we’re just across the state line in AL these days, and hoping to maybe jump back over to the panhandle again when our lease is up. But I think if I want to see the St. Pete crew, I’ll invite them to come visit us 😉

          FL is still home, and I’m anxious that all the new people are hoovering up available houses and driving up real estate prices, so that we might not be able to afford to go back!

          On the plus side, though AL doesn’t have DeSantis, and isn’t making at lot of publicity out of it, it seems every bit as disinclined as FL to engage in virus-safety theater. Not a peep anywhere about showing proof of vaccine or being tested, for any reason. And hardly anyone wears masks anymore.

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          1. Very large parts of the country live completely normally. Every now and then, I see online a report from a stunned Northeasterner who has realized that there are many people living in freedom and tranquility. It’s like a different planet.


            1. It really is. I keep reading about Quebec and NYC and CA and wondering if it can possibly be real, or if this is the salacious-headline version. Because who would put up with all that? And then I see regular commenters in places I’ve been reading for years, estimating anywhere from 30%-98% of people where they grocery-shop are still wearing masks, even though it’s not required. I have to go back to their previous comments and work out whether they are in the US or someplace else, and usually it’s the US! But it still sounds so incredibly weird. Like… y’all are still doing that??


              1. Oh, it’s real all right. I kind of don’t even want to go to Quebec after all this is over because I’m too disgusted. I used to love it but after seeing all this, I’m nauseated.


    2. “Florida Turnpike have been becoming progressively worse”

      How much of this is people moving vs normal winter surge from tourists and snowbirds? Where I grew up Highway 41 (Tamiami Trail) bottlenecked to two lanes by a bridge and by the early 1970s there was just horrific standing traffic for miles in either direction. Once it was faster to drive almost 30 miles to avoid it.

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    1. Not sure of your point here…

      Trudeau the Elder was responding to a reporter’s hypothetical question about the limits of civil liberties in the midst of a crisis created by the back-to-back kidnappings of a foreign diplomat and the Deputy Premier of Quebec by a gang of political terrorists, the FLQ.

      Trudeau the Elder is to François Legault as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle are to Curly, Larry and Moe of the Three Stooges (OK, maybe not exactly, but close enough.)

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      1. “the people of Quebec to grow some dignity and not be patient, submissive little bitches”

        Note of clarification to non-Canadian readers about Quebec premier François Legault and his clown car of public health bureaucrats.

        Obviously, from my comment above, I need no persuading that he’s an absolute horse’s behind.

        But Clarissa’s comment underlines the very significant fact that he’s super popular in his own province in no small measure because of his lunatic COVID policies rather than in spite of them.

        As the article linked to below suggests “all the opposition parties’ [COVID-related] attacks have proven ineffective. They tried to blame the CAQ government for the deaths, in nursing homes, of 4,000 elderly Quebecers during the pandemic’s first wave; their relentless attacks did not dent Legault’s popularity one bit.”

        To put it plainly, it’s a simple fact that Quebec has the highest per capita of COVID associated deaths in Canada running at a fraction less than twice the rate of neighbouring province Ontario.

        But, whatever, it seems that Legault will likely coast to victory in the next Quebec election.

        Esti de câlisse de tabarnak!


        1. That’s precisely the problem. Legault isn’t doing this to an unwilling populace. The people want these restrictions. In fact, they want more of them. They’ve been narcing on everybody in sight for every minor infraction. Something is very, very wrong with them.

          I wouldn’t care so much but I have a family and a bunch of friends taken hostage by these bastards.


        2. Well, apparently Trudeau said that the unvaccinated are misogynistic and racist. I can’t wait to discuss it with my friend who’s Canadian, female, black, and is coming over to dinner tomorrow.


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