Happy New Year!

Reading is such a strange thing. You read something that shakes you, reaches deep inside you and rearranges who you are. . . but nobody else knows about it. Here you are, a completely different person who has absorbed this work of art and made it part of yourself, and nobody has any idea.

In the new year, I wish everyone several strange and incredible reading experiences that will take you apart and then put you back together.

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. “Here you are, a completely different person who has absorbed this work of art and made it part of yourself, and nobody has any idea.”

    This is a beautiful sentiment, so familiar to all voracious readers and art aficionados. Have a very happy New Year, Clarissa, with hopefully many more fantastic books ahead! And happy New Year to all fellow commenters!

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  2. Haha! What a horrifying sentiment!

    But only because I’m in the middle of reading Attwood’s The Year of the Flood (Oryx and Crake book2), and it is all squicky biological cringe. I do not want to even think about absorbing and incorporating anything from this book (shudders). Whatever it is, it’s probably toxic, disease-infested, and will kill you slowly and gruesomely.

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  3. Wish each of us to have an experience in 2022 after which life won’t be the same in a good way. How much not the same depends on a person. πŸ™‚

    In Israel, New Year is not an official holiday, so in my mind it will forever be associated with childhood in FSU. Thus the nostalgic postcard:

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  4. That blinky graphic in your post is special– I wish I could analyze it for its… blink rate? Having that onscreen while I was talking on the phone just set off a magnificent 40-minute scintillating scotoma with wild undulating crystalline patterns– I’ve only ever had five of those in my whole life. No headache so far, either.

    Be careful with those, though. They can induce seizures in people who are susceptible.


      1. No need! They (the scotoma) are really wild, beautiful things while they’re happening, and that seems to be one of two, ever, to happen without the migraine.

        But it is good to be careful with flashy graphics– there are a lot of people who are sensitive to them. Normally I use image blockers that won’t let them show up at all, but I disabled them to look at another post on your page, so– it’s a risk I took, and I was careless to leave it up. We do have ways to protect ourselves, so it’s a two-way street πŸ˜‰


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