Leaving the Perimeter

My sister who lives in Montreal is booking salon appointments and spinning classes in Ottawa, a city 50 minutes away that isn’t in lockdown. If anybody told us of this two years ago, we would have laughed in the weirdo’s face. And now we are the weirdos.

8 thoughts on “Leaving the Perimeter

  1. “salon appointments and spinning classes in Ottawa”

    Not to rain too heavily on your parade, but it’s been less than six months (mid-June) since the Ontario Provincial Police lifted their checkpoints stopping all out-of-province vehicles on roads from Quebec and Manitoba into the province.

    In many ways, the lockdowns in Ontario and Atlantic Canada has been worse than what’s gone on in Quebec -notwithstanding the curfews. Quebec hairdressers were allowed to open their businesses several weeks before Ontario permitted openings (June 30th or later). Even golf courses were closed for several weeks after courses were opened in Quebec (May 22)


      1. True. But no checkpoints right now and they are less totalitarian than Québec at the moment. So off I go to enjoy some normalcy – go to a gym, a restaurant, and visit a museum.

        And it’s a 1,5 hour drive. 😅

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        1. “So off I go to enjoy some normalcy – go to a gym, a restaurant, and visit a museum…”

          Sounds absolutely delightful, enjoy!

          1.5 hours? Zoom, zoom! Don’t get a ticket, lol.

          And don’t delay your trip until later in the week… Ontario’s “public health” (sic) goons are dying to lock the province down again as soon as Wednesday.



        2. Are people even obeying these restrictions in Quebec? In the US most police officers are against these mandates and hardly anybody ever gets in trouble for disobeying. I personally don’t know of anybody who has been fined or anything like that.


          1. “Are people even obeying these restrictions in Quebec?”

            For the most part, yes. And not just Quebec but the rest of Canada where similar lockdown restrictions have existed on and off – mostly on – since early 2020.

            National public opinion surveys of Canadians have all said the same thing – the lockdowns have the full support of an absolute majority of the population. Some scattered passive-aggressive resistance remains but it has little or no institutional channel for expression or organization.

            The wokesters run the place, it’s a ‘one-party democracy,’ not any longer a liberal democracy: you can see the future of the west on full display here.


  2. To answer the question of why people are obeying the restrictions:


    We are in a complete police state – they knock on people’s doors, demand to see people who are supposed to be in isolation, ticket, pull over. We have a special phone number designated for calling to denounce neighbours.

    I saw 8 (!) police officers arresting a guy at a Walmart because he didn’t want to wear a mask. He was not aggressive or resisting them in any way.

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    1. I was once in a car accident when a clearly drunk driver rammed into my cab. The police never showed up. I’m glad they have shaped up since then and are turning out in large numbers for such serious crimes.

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