More Crazy from Quebec

The Quebec government wants to introduce vaccine passports for buying alcohol and cannabis. There’s a government monopoly on alcohol sales in the province.

I tried to come up with something snarky to say about it but at this point I’m running dry. No pun intended.

The rest of Canada must now be really sorry that the independence referendums failed.

23 thoughts on “More Crazy from Quebec

  1. Hey, it’s not all bad news!

    “Meanwhile, Quebec updated its list of curfew exemptions to allow dog walking during hours when residents are otherwise expected to remain indoors.

    The province said that between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., the hours covered by the most recent curfew imposed to contain the spread of COVID-19, Quebecers can take their dogs out within a radius of no more than one kilometre from their permanent or temporary residence.”

    So there!

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  2. And yet more cra-cra from La Belle Province…

    Thoroughly wokester Canadian Press news agency reports today that the Quebec College of Physicians is calling for “stricter measures” for the unvaccinated because “the vaccinated population can no longer suffer in silence the constraints of health measures while the unvaccinated occupy one in two acute care beds and the majority of intensive care beds.”

    If Canadian Press was a real news agency with actual reporters and editors it might have wanted to fact check some of the wildly misleading claims it published in this story.

    I haven’t the patience or resources to do it myself for Quebec, but a reality check from statistics published by neighbouring Ontario shows that as of today fully vaccinated individuals occupy one-half of ICU beds in the province and represent 70% of patients in hospital with COVID. The current rate of infection per 100,000 population in Ontario is 92 for fully vaccinated and 70 for unvaccinated.

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      1. Agreed. very close in tone. Especially given the publicity recently given to Trudeau the Younger’s assertion that anti-vaccine protesters were science-deniers were often misogynistic and racist to boot. “They are a small group that occupy a loud space and a decision needs to be made: do we tolerate these people?”


        But I think that there’s also a quite transparent intent to deflect responsibility from the failure of the vaccines to end COVID as they had promised.


        1. ” the failure of the vaccines to end COVID”

          That presumes that was the goal which is not something I find a lot of evidence for. My takes is they’re deflecting from the tactics they’ve purposefully followed to purposefully keep the grift going.

          Vaccine passports is the stupidest thing I’ve heard of and anyone who though there was a remote chance they would work (defined as decreasing transmission and bringing the pandemic closer to an end) is a blooming idiot.


          1. Yeah. The end goal was to redistribute a crapton of wealth and resources, effectively end commercial air travel for plebes, curtail public services, and instate travel/work/publiclife permits, subject to a loyalty/conformity test.


      1. Why not just shoot them all and be done with it? Especially given that the boosterless will now be considered unvaccinated, it’s a great way to reduce those pesky population numbers together with their carbon footprints. Plus, I heard the Prime Minister declare the unvaccinated racist and sexist. Why keep those evil bastards around?


        1. “Why not just shoot them all…?”

          Who then could Legault and his merry band of “public health” (sic) bureaucrats blame for the fall-flat-on-your-face failure of their COVID policies during the last two years?

          To be more generous, maybe they are all so stupid as to actually believe their own propaganda that the un- (and under) vaccinated are the only ones getting sick and spreading the plague? Super stupid would explain a lot here.

          Also, it’s just possible that Quebec doesn’t collect statistics on infection and hospitalization rates by vaccination status and so they’re flying blind? Such stats don’t seem to be online (but I may be just not finding them?)

          BTW, I re-checked Ontario’s running 7-day average posted today… they’re pretty much the same as in my comment about them above from the end of last week – half in ICU are vaccinated, 70% in hospital with COVID are vaccinated, and the rate of infections per 100,000 is somewhat higher for vaccinated than unvaccinated.


              1. “allophone”

                One of the stupidest political appropriations of a perfectly useful technical term ever.

                For Canadian nationalists it served the purpose of undermining the “two nations” foundational myth of Quebec nationalists and for Quebec nationalists it served to make the point that Quebec belonged first and always to the pure laine and that others living there (by grace of the pure laine) held only a second-class citizenship.


            1. “an outgroup to blame”

              Quebec politicians always, always have an outgroup handy to blame for their own stupid face-plants – les maudits anglais.

              Sometimes it gets rendered in more specific terms as in “l’argent et le vote ethnique” who a former Quebec premier blamed for the loss of the province’s second independence referendum in 1995 (at the time, unkind trolls suggested this was code for Montreal’s Jewish community but of course that couldn’t possibly be…)

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        2. “Why not just shoot them all and be done with it? ”

          Who says they won’t? Macron recently said that he wants to either ‘shit on’ or ‘make life a living hell’ for anti-vaxxers (defined as: anyone without the number of injections currently required by the government).

          I’m relatively confident that if something doesn’t change medical exemptions such as allergies will no longer be accepted and 100% no-exceptions at all vaccination will be required.


          1. The MSM messaging seems to have changed radically in the last two days, re: the coof and the vaccines. Now it’s OK to say that most COVID deaths were “With” rather than “from”. Now it’s OK to say it’s an endemic disease and it’s time to learn to live with it. It’s OK to say that we’re overcounting cases. Anyone paying attention has known all these things for over a year, of course, but it’s only been the last 2-3 days that the memo went out to the media with the updated talking points.

            Either some countries are slow on the uptake, or they’ve got some pet project they want the panic to accomplish, and they’re not done implementing it yet. I get the feeling EU countries are tired of the no-barriers-to-travel thing, and aren’t going to let go of the dumb coof story until they get travel restrictions and borders back. I could be wrong.

            It does beg the question why the PTB are suddenly changing course. My personal theory is that they’ve seen the 2021 4th quarter death/disability/maternal outcome numbers (that are not public yet), and they need to distance themselves as quickly as possible. Expect a crapton of old tweets about support for vixens, bazillions dying of coof, etc. to quietly evaporate. Also, the Pfz data, by law, starts getting dumped to the public in March. So they’ve got a month and a half of frantic backpedalling to do, so that when shite starts to become public knowledge, they can be like “Hey, I’ve always said (whatever the new talking points are)…” and count on the general public having the memory and blind trust of cocker spaniels.

            We’ll see. I personally have been hearing from a shocking number of people who had a shingles episode, after getting vaxxed, and/or had an old virus reactivated (mono has come up a lot, but so have cold sores). This points to immune suppression/dysregulation– those are viruses that stay in your system for life, but you mostly don’t have to deal with them because your immune system keeps a lid on it. If that’s widespread (and I think it is) we can also expect a sharp rise in cancer (both diagnoses and recurrences), because everybody gets cancerous mutations all the time, but most of them don’t become diagnosable cancer because your immune system cleans that stuff up.


  3. “immigrant allophones who keep choosing English”

    Immigrants with no pre-existing loyalty to the destination country, like all immigrants, tend to resist language integration and if given no choice will usually choose the language with higher prestige.

    Immigrants who know English (as a first or second language) often resent (often bitterly) the imposition of learning another language.

    This is also why places like Denmark or the Netherlands have trouble getting immigrants to learn the local language.


    1. I especially loved this gem: “The judge also described him as a “conspiracy theorist” based on evidence from his Facebook page.”

      But hey, fathers are unnecessary anyways, right? Or was it children who were unnecessary? I can’t keep track.


      1. PSA: if you are a divorced parent and there is any friction at all between you and your ex, and you’re on social media at all, the only thing that goes on your social media is the occasional post about how much fun you’re having with your kids, how well they’re doing in school, how great your kids are, and pictures of you and your kids smiling and doing fun things together. Your social media is not a way to keep in touch. It’s a PR campaign to combat whatever nasty rumors your ex might be spreading about you.


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