So? No Elizabeth George fans? Not a single one?

This new novel is good. There’s FGM. The barbarity of some immigrant communities. Wealthy bored ladies suffering from white guilt (that’s where Deborah comes in).

It’s never too late to get into a series.

12 thoughts on “Pro-George

  1. I hope you don’t think I’m a philistine… I have watched several Inspector Lynley mysteries on the BBC some years ago, but have never picked up one of her books. I might give them a go though!

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    1. I always wanted to see the series but never got around to it. The books are very enjoyable. A couple have been so-so but it’s normal for such a long series.


    1. It’s a different author with a similar name. It’s confusing because there’s also a highly popular religious author who is also called Elizabeth George.

      Why she couldn’t have chosen an original pseudonym is a mystery.

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  2. I was following the series for a while, but lost track about 4 books ago. I’m not really sure why, since I still enjoyed them.


  3. I read A Traitor to Memory, an Inspector Lynley mystery, many years ago when i was getting books in trade from RV Park libraries. Enjoyed it but forgot all about her. Thanks for the reminder.

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  4. I read ‘A great deliverance’ and liked it (especially Havers, so interesting compared to Lynley and Deborah (both kind of blah… and I’m being kind….).

    Then I found another book by the same author but the description on the back cover made it sound like a prequel (which meant no Havers) and I never got around to it – still sitting around someplace…

    New books in English are expensive here so I mostly limit myself to what falls into my hands and other books in the series haven’t fallen into my hands yet…

    Also… how important is it to read the books in order? I got stuck on Sophie Hannah because it seemed they should be read in order and I’ve never come across the second book…


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