COVID Offices

After a conversation with a colleague, I realized the following. Many women have their home offices in the living room. Or somewhere where they can have a clear line of sight into wherever the kids are. A mother often doesn’t have a door on her home office because there are times when she can’t afford to seclude herself from what’s going on. And you don’t even have to be a mother. When we first bought our house, I set up my home office in what was supposed to be a dining room to be close to the kitchen while things are on the stove. (Also, that room has a carpet. What kind of an idiot eats on a carpet? It’s very unhygienic.)

All these women got screwed when COVID hit. I have a big beautiful office with a secretary at work but if your only office is a home office, and people are always there. . . It’s not good.

2 thoughts on “COVID Offices

  1. …or worse, in the kitchen. When my child comes home from school and doesn’t get his way, he neatly interrupts zoom meetings by dancing and making faces and chanting rude phrases like, “You’re in a meeting. I hate you. Ha ha ha. You can’t get me.”


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