Place Your Bets

Our university decided to reopen in person next week.

Then get everybody tested.

Which will bring up the positivity rates.

Then we’ll close.

Then reopen.

Get everybody tested.

Bring up the positivity rates.



And so on into the infinity.

Let’s place bets on when students – who are paying and getting in debt to get jerked around like this – will get fed up.

I’m betting on “absolutely never, not in a million years, we will all die of extreme old age before they evince any discontent.”

Place your bets!

P.S. Did I mention that our governor invested some of his Democratic billions into the testing company we are all forced to use for this exercise?

4 thoughts on “Place Your Bets

  1. I may yet again proven over-optimistic, but I think this is the end. Cases, hospitalizations, and every other metric is starting to plummet hard. Everyone will have gotten some sort of immunity to COVID19 by the end of the month.

    So my bet is no more closing and re-opening once this wave crashes.

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  2. “Free” tuition == listless unmotivated students with no stake in the process (which is doubtless part of the plan) and drastically reduced course offerings which mean there’s even less chance of them being able to really become engaged…

    My bet: Test results will be increasingly irrelevant to covid policy, which will largely remain unchanged. Soon it will metamorphize into measurements of something else, possibly climate related (similar to the shutdown of world air traffic in 2010 due to invisible ‘volcanic ash’*…. so that measurements of something imperceptible will replace test results.

    The usual suspects will express gratitude that shutdown protocols are already in place and bless the beneficent leaders who ensured that only the servant class need leave their homes…



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