The Left We Get

I mean, seriously. The only thing he can come up with is to pump more public money into private pockets. Is there any agenda on the left that’s about anything else? Is there any interest in anything that isn’t large-scale privatization? Anything at all?

5 thoughts on “The Left We Get

  1. WE don’t already have enough going on in our lives to keep us busy and distracted. We’re all just lazy sloths lounging around watching sports or Netflex movies and shows while guzzling pizza and beer 24/7, hence they deem it necessary to inflict …oops! I mean impose …even MORE additional onuses and mandates on us since, obviously, the ones we have on us already are still not enough to keep us running around non-stop in a chronic perpetual histrionic psychotic feral panic


  2. Now they insist “we all wear N-95 face masks”.
    I wish they would quit trying to make “medical experts” out of ordinary citizens and leave all manners of health and medicine the domain of the institutions and trained experts that specialize in those fields.
    Allow the rest of us to “just live”. Whatever happened to “just living”?


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