Child Sacrifice

I’m guessing it probably didn’t get better in 2021. This is a horrifying development. These children were sacrificed for absolutely no reason whatsoever, and it’s not like anything changed since these numbers came out.

The only thing we can do is to vote for people who support a complete and unconditional reopening of schools and all children’s activities immediately, no lockdowns, no mask mandates. And no Democrats in any office ever again under any scenario.

6 thoughts on “Child Sacrifice

  1. The real question is, who cares? Who cares enough to do something about it? Do parents care? Do friends care?Mental health professionals have been saying they are swamped and overloaded with cases. It takes months to get a virtual appointment. People who care need to unite and start a movement.

    The company I work for is suddenly experiencing a deluge of angry and “disrespectful” employees who aren’t interested in complying with vaccine mandates and testing requirements. But instead of addressing the elephant in the room, they are asking the leaders to start talking to the angry ingrates. They are told to, “tell them to be nice; be respectful.” Meanwhile, the elephant is crushing my windpipe! I’m grasping at the giant food on my throat while trying to make my voice heard and I’m being told to “sit down and shut up. Just do what you’re told.”

    Now, imagine how hopeless the children feel. They have no control whatsoever. And if parents don’t help them to feel safe, who will? The government? HA HA HA!

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  2. “ The real question is, who cares?”

    Another question is, who knows? I live in the New York metropolitan area and my friends and family are generally intelligent and well educated and care about public affairs. But they believe that, for example, CNN, NPR and The NY Times are reliable sources of information and they will never learn of this sort of information there.

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  3. In the West the pandemic response was over the top and illogical, resulting in some children turning to drugs and alcohol, which killed them. In the East, notably in Indonesia, the pandemic response was practically non existent, resulting in tens of thousands of children becoming orphans. The future for many of them is one of exploitation, rape, drug/alcohol abuse, incarceration and suicide.

    I think that a better takeaway from all of this is that no government responded to the pandemic competently, and that true remedy requires a complete political overhaul.

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    1. I know people who have died from Covid and suicide because of the pandemic. I would posit it is not the government’s business to intervene in health affairs of this magnitude because really–there is nothing they can do. They cannot legislate germs or mental health. The government is not a god, though we frequently think (or like to pretend) it is.

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      1. “I would posit it is not the government’s business to intervene in health affairs of this magnitude because really–there is nothing they can do. ”

        I agree, since there is no incompatibility between your thoughts and mine. A competent government would know when to involve itself in a matter and when to refrain.

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