Faithful Lapdogs

The countries that supported Russia at the Human Rights Council of the UN are Cuba, Venezuela, China, and Eritrea. I know nothing about Eritrea but the other three are faithful lapdogs of Russia. Venezuela’s Maduro called Putin on the phone to express undying support for the invasion.

Again, aside from Eritrea, please observe the shared ideology of the Russia supporters. In Spain, only a few politicians refuse to condemn the war. As far as I’ve been able to ascertain up to now, they are all far-left. I’ll keep investigating but for now the picture is clear.

One thought on “Faithful Lapdogs

  1. All I know about Eritrea is that Eritrean refugees were my brother-in-law’s absolute favorite employees: apparently, after you lose half your family, make the decision to leave your home forever, spend days fleeing across the desert on foot, etc. then the challenges of running a big-city parking garage in the US are laughable and not worth mentioning. The people we’ve met are fantastic, though: cheerful, kind, generous to a fault, punctual, and unbelievably hardworking. Any country should be honored to call them citizens, which speaks poorly of the country they fled.

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