Death Cult

“But they can’t be so stupid to not understand that a nuclear explosion will wipe them out first,” people keep saying.

It’s weird because everybody has heard of those religious cults that collectively suicide by the hundreds. What was that guy’s name, Jim Jones? Or the suicide bombers. They know they’ll die. But they are fighting evil. They are going towards their reward in heaven! This is the same thing. The Russians aren’t afraid of dying because they’ve been primed for their jihad for their entire lives.

6 thoughts on “Death Cult

  1. Interesting thread (numbering problem so there’s no 3.)

    This aligns very closely with what I’ve been able to read in English from smarter Putinites: It’s a war intended to eliminate Ukrainian identity, not necessarily the people (unless they are too persistent about not being Russian…).
    No mention of NATO (can we please retire the tired idea that it’s about NATO?)

    And note they’re not bothered by sanctions, they think that they can make autarky* work (even though it’s failed spectacularly every time it’s been tried at a national level – think North Korea).



    1. They won’t have autarky. They will still be able to find somebody to buy their oil, and they can buy goods from China.


      1. China will be the only country to do business with them. The thought of Russia becoming China’s bitch as a result of this is one of the few things that bring me joy these days.

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        1. When we were kids and we watched WWII movies, how could we ever imagine we’ll see it all in real life? And done by the people who watched alongside us, hating the Nazis? How can it be? How?


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