We all remember them doing the same in the Donbass since 2014. Raping little girls, complete animals. Please tell me once more how demotivated and unwilling to be at war they are.

5 thoughts on “Demotivated

  1. Of course. I’m sure I indulge in wishful thinking, as do many others. The morale is not complete shit, especially in the south where they’re winning. I’m sorry about an earlier comment of mine that must have been painful for you to read.

    We’re fucked, and one of the ways to stop this horror is to get the Russian people to basically overthrow their dictator. Everyone is trying to do this by any means possible, which includes trying to appeal to their humanity, as hopeless as it seems.

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    1. “get the Russian people to basically overthrow their dictator”

      That doesn’t happen (and won’t). It is what it is… Russian heads of state only leave office when they die or are muscled out by a bigger bastard…
      There are no mechanisms for any other result.

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      1. You are correct that it’s not as simple as that. But I welcome an internal coup that results in Ukrainian cities no longer being bombarded. And perhaps the population unrest and economic devastation could become enough for high-level Kremlin officials to maneuver Putler out of power.

        Yes, that’s one of the nicknames the Ukrainians have for him.

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    2. Of course, it’s important to keep trying. But I don’t see a dictator here. No death squads, no violent overthrow of power, no executions, no concentration camps. Not that he’s above doing all this but why bother? The people are ecstatic.


      1. My husband just called me from Florida. “OMG! What’s happening? It’s terrible! I can’t eat, I can’t sleep! It’s a real war!” I’m glad he clocked on but we are on day 9.

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