Nuclear Energy

A little exercise in logic. If there’s a radioactive leak from one of the constantly shelled nuclear reactors in Ukraine, will that be profitable or not for a country that bases most of its economy on exporting oil and natural gas?

14 thoughts on “Nuclear Energy

  1. Looks like valuable info :

    18+ Один из инсайдеров из спецслужб РФ (who probably may put himself in danger by sharing this)

    I started leaving quotes from his post, but it looks important in its entirety. Not long.

    If you read it, do you think he is telling the truth here? Looks like that to me, but you follow news closer.

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    1. Yep. All true.

      People, please read el’s link using Google Translate. It’s all so very typical of how everything in Russia functions. This is Gogol-era ineptitude, lies, and stupidity. Gogol was, of course, Ukrainian.


      1. // People, please read el’s link using Google Translate.

        It will be too late in a minute, I believe. See this post, he just put it up:

        Журнал закрыт по требованию российских правоохранительных органов

        What the … 😦 😦 😦

        Btw, I have had a livejournal since 2006. Recently received this announcement and couldn’t fix it despite numerous attempts. They are probably pushing foreigners out from their platform or something:

        Статус вашего email адреса был изменен на «не подтвержден», потому что при отправке на него уведомлений мы получили отказ от почтового сервера, обслуживающего ваш адрес. Это может означать, что адрес более недействителен. Если это не так и это были временные проблемы, вы можете повторно подтвердить свой текущий email адрес. В противном случае вам необходимо установить новый email адрес для аккаунта, чтобы снова начать получать уведомления от LiveJournal.

        Now I am thinking of deleting it but don’t want to lose connection with all people I’ve been reading for decades. Can you add lj blogs to ‘friends’ list on Blogger? Are there easy options to create a feed of various blogs regardless of their platforms / websites? I have a degree in computers, yet zero experience here.


        1. There’s a site called Dreamwidth which has interoperability with LJ – you can keep a DW journal and automatically crosspost to LJ, follow LJ blogs etc


      1. cliff, I am watching Latynina (a Russian journalist whose radio was closed this week) interviewing Christo Grozev right now.

        Grozev is a Bulgarian investigative journalist, “the lead Russia investigator with Bellingcat, focusing on security threats, extraterritorial clandestine operations, and the weaponization of information.”

        So, among other things, they are discussing whether Putin may be capable of using nuclear weapons.

        From sources close to Putin, Grozev heard in December 2021 that the answer is ‘yes’, however the aim is likely to be not Ukraine but NATO infrastructure or some other not NATO country which Putin’s voters would accept attacking more than Ukraine.

        Since the start of the full war, Grozev’s (now truly frightened) sources repeated the same information.

        Why am I typing this long comment to you specifically?

        Since when Latynina asked which country Putin may attack with ‘tactical nuclear weapons’, if the war in Ukraine continues to go badly for Russia, at first it was NATO sea infrastructure (to prevent numerous human victims) but in the latest days the sources make a hypothesis this country may be POLAND.

        Latynina mentioned Poland helping Ukraine to save its air force and some accident (unknown to me) about beating children of Polish diplomats …

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          1. // Syria is my bet for a nuclear strike.

            I hope you are wrong since Syria borders Israel.

            One of the reasons Israel is afraid to anger Russia is that they have been allowing us so far to destroy weapons from Iran in Syria before those weapons are turned against us.

            Why and how would Russians find a pretext to strike Syria with nuclear weapons? Syria is destroyed as it is. Nobody is targeting Russia in it, right? Don’t know much about the situation in Syria, but surely Ukraine is not connected to it.


            1. “would Russians find a pretext to strike Syria with nuclear weapons”

              They’ll make some crap up and their supporters will believe it….

              I do tend to think they’ll go nuclear elsewhere before trying Europe….

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              1. The official narrative, of course, will be that the US did it. That would justify going to war with the US to avenge the Syrians. And if Israel suffers, well, as we say, мелочь, но приятно.


  2. Grozev says around 10% of siloviks from Russian army and Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation understand the grave damage Putin is doing to Russia and so leaked info to Grozev, to foreign ambassadors, others…

    Grozev believes some sabotage Putin’s orders (such as shooting into empty fields) and even gave Ukrainians info to prevent Zelenski’s assassination.

    The interview in Russian is here:


  3. Since the Russians apparently think it is a good idea to bombard nuclear power plants, I’m currently stockpiling food, checked our iodine tablets and think about how to seal our flat from the outside airflow. It is not unlikely anymore that they will cause a nuclear meltdown. Then they will claim it is the Ukrainians fault. Since they know they can lie their way out of anything they can also do anything. This is all absolutely terrifying.


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