Feeling Unsafe

I’m also kind of stumped by the people who are going on and on about somebody somewhere reportedly canceling a cartoon with Russian characters.

Have you seen this?

Really? Cartoon characters?

Another group of morons is bleating that Russian speakers in North America are feeling “unsafe.” Seriously, if I never hear the word “unsafe” again, I’ll be very happy. Can we at least retire this COVID rhetoric when we talk about the war in Ukraine? Haven’t Ukrainians demonstrated how pathetic it is to “feel unsafe” over ridiculous stuff?

I was talking Russian on the phone in a store yesterday, and somebody gave me a dirty look. I didn’t “feel unsafe.” I was glad he knew and cared. I feel the same. N sent me a video of some Russian podcaster who is anti-war. I couldn’t watch more than 20 seconds. The accent, the concerned face. I started to heave.

I’ve read a mountain of posts by people in Ukraine who are under bombs. They don’t “feel unsafe.” They feel murderously angry and completely determined.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Unsafe

  1. I was walking through the local train station today and noticed signs everywhere in Ukrainian:
    “Information point for (variant of your last name)s from Ukraine” and later a group of 50 or 60 people (mostly women of various ages) at what seemed to be a collection point. Very orderly and in reasonably good spirits (much more than I’d be, I’m sure).

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  2. How likely do you think the rumors that Martial Law will be declared in Russia (to prevent emigration)?
    Apparently lots are trying to flee the sinking ship….


    1. It’s very likely they’ll introduce martial law. Aside from all practical purposes, people enjoy feeling like they are involved in something epoch-making. It’s a Russian version of “we honor our healthcare heroes” accompanied by “fire those unvaccinated healthcare bitches.”


  3. On a much smaller scale, this is how I felt when Ferguson was attacked. I lived there and from my perspective, a bunch of terrorists rolled into town, attacked the community and started burning it down. We literally rescued my son from his place of employment while armed because a mob of screaming idiots was throwing Molotov cocktails at businesses, bottles of urine at police officers and shooting at my neighbors. But the main stream media was apologizing for these goons. “They are angry about racial inequality. They have been oppressed. They need an outlet for their aggression.” I was livid and ready to fight. How DARE they attack my community?! But they won. And the community is destroyed. I had to move. Again – MUCH smaller scale of devastation but the same idea is at play. I see Russian leaders like Putin as terrorists, bullies, and monsters. There is only one solution in my mind’s eye for him and his ilk.

    In Ferguson they drew little pictures all over the boards that covered broken windows along with futile slogans like, “Pray for peace. Peace for Ferguson.” It made me mad then just as it does now. That’s how I feel about these people who use the word “unsafe.” Shut up. Your cowardice is showing.

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