The number of Russia apologists on social media exploded today. I’ve spent all day unfollowing and banning. But they are coming from every crevice, like cockroaches. Curiously, it’s happening just as things become really bad. I’m thinking that the Westerners’ psychological defenses are paper-thin if they are resorting to such extreme forms of denial.

I don’t think it’s political or a result of propaganda. People are simply so incredibly coddled that they hide their heads in the sand like ostriches. They’ve never experienced any hardship and can’t even see it on TV without freaking out and concocting a fairy tale to self-soothe.

6 thoughts on “Ostriches

  1. I was thinking this same thing this morning. Who are all these fluffy poodle heads? While I’m over here taking notes for how to survive in this type of situation, others are saying, “I can’t believe war is happening in 2022. We have evolved beyond war. Oh, the horror! Hand me a fluffy pillow.” The leadership in America is so ghastly and I have long abandoned hope for my mode of survival outside of my own two hands and those in my immediate circles of relationship. I am devastated with and for Ukraine. I am angry at American leadership for not standing with Ukraine. And I am angry at the sissies around me who are in denial and worse–oblivious.

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    1. We are very unlucky in that both the US and Canadian leaderships consist of weaklings who can only fight against nurses and kindergartners. One is senile and another is clinically immature. It’s pathetic. They rant aggressively against their own citizens but sit by vapidly while really bad dudes are destroying the planet.

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      1. The US army is only slightly less pathetic than the Russian army. These are probably the two most over hyped armies in the world right now. I only hope that the US nuclear defenses are a bit better than the general state of the army.


        1. I would say the U.S. military is world’s above the Russian military. The U.S. had no problem taking out Saddam Hussein’s forces. The problem for the U.S. was dealing with the terrorist insurgency, which can humble any great power. But in terms of conventional power, the U.S. is like Mike Tyson in his prime whereas the Russians are like an out of shape drunken uncle trying to box.


  2. They are trying to convince themselves that we are in control. If we just do this then Putin won’t do that. They want to believe that everyone and everything are non-player characters in their fantasy, everything is a reaction to us. They can’t grasp that some things aren’t about them. If we modify our behaviour , we can control all outcomes. they find the alternative( the truth) terrifying. There are sociopathic bastards out there who don’t care about human beings. Admitting that would require dealing with the sociopaths. Easier to pretend.

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