N’s New Friend

N feels so lonely without us in Florida that he made a friend. This is the first time since I’ve known him that this happened.

The friend is a Floridian named Frank who was born in 1921. No typo. He invited N over to his place and showed him the photos from his heroic times in WWII.

It’s a lot easier to live to be 101 than for N to make a friend, so I’m kind of stunned.

7 thoughts on “N’s New Friend

  1. Have you ever assessed why N struggles to make friends? Has he? My husband only makes friends out of the people he works with. What is it about our culture that makes men so isolated against true and lasting friendship?

    I saw one of my husband’s childhood friends on Sunday morning while I was jogging. He doesn’t live near us but was working in the area. I hadn’t seen him in 10 years. I told my husband to call him but he didn’t. He has no interest. I get the introvert thing, but relationships are the glue that hold us together as a society. I don’t want to be my husband’s only friend because if anything happens to me, he will be lost.


    1. I know exactly what you mean. I’d so love for him to have a couple of buddies to go to the bar or the gym or whatever. I tried gently pushing him towards potential buddies. Even at work, he barely knows the names of the two guys who sat next to him for 10 years. They’ve made overtures but he repulsed them valiantly.

      It’s not me who’s causing this. When we met, the poor guy lied to me about some imaginary friends because he was too embarrassed to confess that he had nobody.

      At some point he asked me how I’d feel about him having a female friend. I said if be over the moon about male, female, hermaphrodite, or a pet rabbit, for that matter. But nothing came of it.

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