Reading Recommendations

I have found a single conservative media personality/ pundit / talking head who isn’t a total shit on the subject of Russia’s war with Ukraine. And it’s Sean Hannity, for my sins. Does anybody know of at least a couple others?

I’m not expecting profound insight but at least somebody who can abstain from the “moral panic / fake news / emotional manipulation / they are trying to get us into a war with Russia” type of thing. I’ve heard it so many times that it reminds me of how the Democrats were repeating “we have to reimagine policing” as if on cue for weeks.

2 thoughts on “Reading Recommendations

  1. What do you think of Tucker? I can’t stand him lately.

    I quit Twitter for Lent and hopefully for good. I can’t stand the people I’ve been following and the nonsense they write about Putin. And what’s with the stupid 4D chess comments all the time?

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    1. Tucker was always useless on the subject of Russia but now even more so.

      I have discovered today that the reason why several people I know refuse to believe the war is real is because Lin Wood apparently says it. I had no idea he was now an expert on Eastern Europe but OK.


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