Does anybody know why Russians have adopted this half-swastika and put it on their tanks and bomber airplanes? It’s not Cyrillic, it has no cultural relevance. Many soldiers don’t know how to write it and point it in the wrong direction. The similarity with the swastika is weird.

These are weird, weird people.

12 thoughts on “Half-swastika

  1. Министерство обороны России опубликовало пост в Instagram в поддержку специальной военной операции на Украине, объяснив значение латинских букв Z и V, нанесенных на российскую военную технику. Публикация состоит из трех коллажей со снимками боевых действий и надписями: «Z За победу», «Сила V правде» и «V Задача будет выполнена».


    1. “трех коллажей”

      I didn’t run that through google translate but… does it say they have three symbols… two of which are V?

      How does Z = victory (it works in Polish but not Russian…)…


  2. Regarding the following symbols, they are a PR disaster.

    Kadyrov’s Chechens are literally walking with a target on one’s back .

    Alpha Group = The Scarlet Letter

    Eastern = Zombies

    Crimea = Zombies squared

    Belarus = Zero

    Naval = victory sign. The only normal symbol here.

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    1. Thank you for checking in, dear friend! He’s back, I no longer have to get up at 6 am every day to take Klara to school, so that’s great.

      How are you holding up?


      1. I’m fine, able to focus on work on taxes. Thanks for asking!

        The war is less of a shock now, and I’m not there, after all. I’m hoping Ukraine manages to hold out for long enough with West’s support. Putin will run out of resources to continue this war sooner than we thought. I’m also waiting for unrest, not out of empathy for Ukraine, but because of the Russians’ dead sons and the economic crisis.

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        1. “because of the Russians’ dead sons”

          Does Russia have a track record of caring about that? Even when they do care it seems to be individualized – a woman might regret that her son was fed into Putin’s meat grinder but not much care about her nieghbor’s son who met the same fate…. there’s no generalization into the area of principles – that the Russian state should stop getting so many young men killed in ill-conceived military adventures.

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