Easy to Manipulate

Here’s another example of how easy it is to manipulate people. Apparently, the MSM massively posted a couple of old photos from Ukraine. One is of Zelensky in uniform from last April and another of Ukrainian children greeting troops from 2014. Why not use more recent photos, I don’t know. Maybe it’s laziness. Maybe stupidity. Maybe something else.

Immediately, internet sleuths discovered that the photos are old. As if there were any shortage of new ones but OK.

“We are being manipulated!” they wail. “Ukrainians are manipulating us!”

Yes, you are being manipulated. But not by Ukrainians. In Ukraine, everybody has known these images for a long time and knows what they are about. You are being manipulated by your own media and are reacting exactly how they want.

3 thoughts on “Easy to Manipulate

  1. Unfortunately, I think the neocons just want another war. This has similar vibes to the propaganda onslaught before the war in Iraq, where all MSM just looks the same and on same message.

    I guess one year of no war is too much to ask.


    1. The decision as to whether there will be a war lies with Russia. They’ll attack whomever and whenever they feel like attacking. They aren’t reactive but proactive. And it’s a society with a low value of human life.

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      1. Warmongering neocons are not benign either; these are the same people behind the war in Iraq and many others. They will fight to the last Ukrainian.


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