War Crimes

The photos of heavily pregnant women and moms with newborns trying to evacuate are tragic.

Minimal advancement, my ass.

5 thoughts on “War Crimes

  1. OT: You’ve probably seen this but for other people here, a military guy on zvezda (star) TV starts telling the truth and the host goes into full fascist meltdown…


  2. Putin may be “desperate and “mentally unstable,” as some news media sources are describing him — but he’s also laughing with justified contempt at the Western — read: U.S. — response to his savage barbarism that the post-WWII civilized world order had supposedly made impossible.

    The Pentagon military leaders are afraid of Putin — afraid that if they let Poland, a NATO country directly next to Russia, give Ukraine military jet fighter aircraft for Ukrainian pilots to fly, that Putin will get pissed off and start World War III. (Nobody with any authority is suggesting that American pilots, or any NATO pilots, fly those planes into direct combat — just that we give the equipment to Ukraine like we’re already giving them anti-aircraft rockets and missiles.)

    And we’re afraid to even do that, while the Russians bomb children’s hospitals and don’t care what the world thinks. This literally makes me sick to my stomach.

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    1. Unfortunately, this is all true. Everybody is terrified of “provoking” the Russians. But what will it take to provoke the West to provide anti-aircraft defense to Ukraine? Nobody is asking for anything more. Just this. But ooh, big scary Putin might get provoked. Can’t let that happen. As if he ever needed any actual provocation to feel provoked.

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