The exact same people who were posting about the need to resist emotional manipulation by Ukrainians are now posting outraged stories about some utterly fictitious Russians in Texas who got a few nasty looks for speaking Russian in public. Apparently, emotional manipulation is perfectly fine when you approve of the people who are doing the manipulation.

I also find it curious that some people are so tone-deaf and clueless that they are using the word “Russophobia” completely seriously. Yes, it’s unfortunate that a Tchaikovsky concert somewhere was cancelled (and five million others weren’t). I’m against cancelling concerts. But if that’s “a phobia” (and enough already with this medicalized language), then what’s the bombing of Ukrainians with a thermobaric bomb? What’s the bombing of the maternity hospital in Mariupol? If you are so into handing down psychiatric diagnoses, why aren’t you talking about Ukrainophobia?

Also, people who are doing it are all on the right. These are people who should know better. Haven’t “transphobia” and Co taught us anything?

And by the way, I personally stood up against canceling Russian music on my campus. And I’m still proceding with the plan to revive our Russian program. So it’s possible to do this without being a mega-dick and throwing around “phobias.”

2 thoughts on ““Russophobia”

  1. I am not at all surprised that these are people on the right who are doing that.
    They were conditioned / conditioned themselves to distrust mainstream media for years. So now they do not trust the pro-Ukrainian narrative of the MSM and instead trust stuff in the range from, at best, Mearsheimer-like characters to, at worst, Russian war propaganda.
    I also believe Russian government counted on that in its calculations.

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    1. Unfortunately, the right is very reactive and has been on the defensive for a long time with no plans to emerge. It’s sad because it’s extremely easy for any opponent to manipulate people who have no narrative of their own and are completely defined by what the opponent says.

      Let’s hope it’s a temporary thing. A momentary loss of bearings as a result of an enormous cultural defeat of the early 21 century.


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