Kids Today

I was driving Klara’s 5-year-old friend home from a playdate today. Tried to make small talk about art lessons and springtime activities.

“Yes, OK,” she said. “You are Ukrainian, right? Tell me about the war in Ukraine. Who’s winning? I asked my dad but he seems confused. He says that the Russians have a bad president who is making people fight and they are afraid he’d kill them if they don’t. Doesn’t sound right to me. What do you think?”

Of course, you’ll think I’m inventing this but this kid could read fluently at the age of 3, freaking out adults. Precocious doesn’t begin to describe her.


2 thoughts on “Kids Today

  1. How did you navigate this, in the end? I know you’re a strong believer that children should be protected from the harsh realities of life for as long as possible.

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    1. I also believe in never lying to children. I told her the truth. I said that there are many bad people who are happy to wage war. But in the end, the good guys will win. Slowly, painfully and at a huge cost. But we’ll win.

      Then she asked how many people died and how many still remain alive. I also told the truth. Thousands are dead but millions are alive and keep fighting.


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