Beep and Beep

Since the words “war” and “peace” have been outlawed in Russia, Tolstoy’s famous novel will now be titled “xxxx and xxxx.” Or maybe “beep and beep “

23 thoughts on “Beep and Beep

  1. After reading those great news, the last quoted sentence sounds jarring, doesn’t it? As if, “USA will surely help Ukraine after it proves it can beat Russia alone and only 2 seconds before Ukraine actually does it.”

    // In the fight against Putin, Senate unanimously approves measure that once helped beat Hitler
    The Senate revived Lend-Lease, a World War II-era measure that allowed the U.S. to quickly resupply Allies in the fight against Nazi Germany.

    Senators quickly rallied behind the proposal, known as Lend-Lease, as Ukraine’s military proved it could fend off Russian troops

    Lawmakers are resorting to extraordinary tactics last used during the most significant global conflict of the 20th century — yet another sign that the U.S. and its allies in Europe believe Russia’s invasion presents an existential threat to liberal order.

    In a brief speech on the Senate floor Wednesday night, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called the massacres “pure evil,” adding that Russian troops are carrying out a “genocide” in Ukraine.

    “The Kremlin is committing horrific assaults throughout the nation on civilian infrastructure and targeting innocent men, women and children.”

    It’s unclear if the House will take up the Senate-passed Lend-Lease legislation before both chambers leave Washington on Thursday for a previously scheduled two-week recess. The House is expected to pass the Russia trade bill after it clears the Senate on Thursday morning.

    “Pure evil” + “genocide” translates into “wait two weeks, we are on a vacation”?

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    1. The US support for Ukraine is fake. The US is paralyzed internally and externally. Let’s forget about it and move on. We are seeing a global reshuffle of power. The US has decided to wipe out its relevance politically, culturally and economically. The focus of the global hegemony is moving back to the UK. If the UK fails to hold on to it, the next contender is Poland / Czech Republic.


      1. \ The focus of the global hegemony is moving back to the UK.

        I thought a country needs to be an economic and military giant like US to fight for global hegemony.

        China seems big and strong enough, if it adopts political reforms, but the UK?

        It is not the British Empire any longer, what resources does to have to become a GLOBAL hegemon?

        If Western Europe were united and had the will to fight for the title, it would have a chance, but UK alone? And when it’s no longer in EU too, so united Europe seems less likely.

        // the next contender is Poland / Czech Republic.

        Poland is poorer than Israel, poorer than many European countries. It doesn’t seem too important even locally, let alone on a global level.

        How do you define a global hegemon?


        1. Ah, I can see you are a Marxist. 🙂

          Territorial size has nothing to do with the capacity to export and impose one’s culture. China is huge in terms of territory and population but has never been anything but a follower culturally and ideologically. Every era has its culturally hegemonic power. From tiny Greece, to equally tiny Spain, to also tiny France and so on, you first create a great culture that is vigorous and self-assured enough to dominate. And then you dominate. Material conditions don’t produce cultural leadership. Cultural leadership produces material conditions.

          In what concerns capital, remember that capital is now fluid. And it exists in the space of flows that expands infinitely. It will go wherever the freshest ideas are. Renewal, energy, strength – that’s what attracts it. Physical size never did.


          1. Yes, Poland is poor. Do I need to mention what Spain was two minutes before it became the Spanish Empire? The first modern empire that created modernity and exported the language of a tiny, infertile strip of land somewhere on the margins of Europe to half the world? That’s where we are right now. Five minutes before the new dominant culture is born.


            1. Also, since I’m on my favorite subject, when 180 Spaniards faced 80,000 fierce Inca warriors at Cajamarca and crushed them, it wasn’t the size of the tiny Castile or its non-existent riches that defeated the enormous, rich Inca empire. It was the consciousness of being right. It was the certainty that God was with them. That’s what wins.


              1. Weren’t the Inca also certain of being right? I would think it was the guns and superior fighting techniques the Spaniards had.that gave them victory. It is great to see the UK being more assertive, but IMO they lack the economic, military, and natural resources strength to be a hegemon.


              2. The Incas were just coming out of a civil war and had no plan for solving their differences and moving ahead. The Aztecs believed that they had angered the gods and deserved punishment. And people who wait for a punishment usually get it.


            2. I’m curious why you’re thinking of Poland/Czech Republic as the origin of the next dominant culture. I could kinda maybe see the UK in this, they have the language advantage (although I’d still consider them the day-before-yesterday’s dominant culture), but what do the Poles and Czechs have that Ukraine doesn’t, f’rex?

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              1. Ukraine even now, after everything, has a wide-eyed admiration for liberalism. And you can’t lead there. There are people who do it a lot better because they’ve practiced it for longer. Basically, the narrative of “we want to be part of Europe” should go and “we want to be ourselves and Europe will follow” needs to take its place.


              2. Yes but you see, this is an adolescent sort of affectation one grows out of in five hot minutes assuming the right historical circumstances. Say, f’rex, a war with Russia where the West doesn’t come and save you but you manage to save yourself. I feel like that “NATO better apply to join Ukraine now” joke is not a joke in one deep point where it matters…


            3. You know, I’m going to make an entire ass of myself by defending Ukraine’s claim to future glory over Poland’s on what will be shown to be the flimsiest of practical arguments, just to prod Clarissa into a better-documented blog post. Also, Cliff, if you want to demolish me, please do 😀

              One thing all the hegemons had in common was a vibrant culture five minutes before they became hegemons. Now, if I were not an uncultured swine I’d judge Poland vs Ukraine on the merits of their contemporary literature, but I’ve only read a couple Polish poets (in translation, as well…) and as for the Ukrainian side of things, it’s even worse. So I’ll follow the sacred tradition of drunkenly searching for one’s house keys under the streetlight, assume that a vivid culture will show itself to some degree in every artform people are actively putting an effort into, and compare the two based on their underground metal/goth scenes.

              Poland here has the brand recognition, clearly. Behemoth, Mgla, Batyushka, Riverside etc. play on the main scenes of some rather important music festivals. They’re all pretty goddamn derivative, however. Perfection of the form, but it’s always a very-recognizable-from-the-outside form – you don’t get more nihilistic black metal than Mgla or more melodic prog than Riverside, it’s true, but note that these genres don’t have Polish names, but perfectly characterize the band’s style. Even when they’re doing something new, it’s stuff like mix black metal with the orthodox liturgy, nice gimmick but just a gimmick after all. Name their genres and they won’t surprise you.

              Ukraine’s scene is smaller; I have to think about what bands I’d want to use as examples, and you certainly won’t see them headlining Wacken or Roadburn. But even the half-decent ones don’t sound like anything else – you can call Jinjer metalcore, sure, but they’re certainly not just a better Bullet for my Valentine with female vocals. And then you have stuff like Dakh Daughters, which… you can call them dark cabaret, they call themselves dark cabaret too, but as much as they do the pancake makeup, they’re a vast, qualitative change from, say, The Dresden Dolls*. They keep the theatricality and the psychological messed up-ness, but here it’s all so much broader than the drama of this one particular sort of American woman, and the multilanguage palimpsest of pop songs, poetry, theater sketches and original bits is absolutely unique, and, more importantly, it’s not something I can put into words to explain to someone else who’s familiar with the same cultural references as I am. They’ll just have to go and listen.

              So, if I were to judge based on the music that I listen to, I’m voting for Ukraine even if I’ve listened to more music from Poland. “Like what we had before, but better” isn’t plausible as a core of cultural resacralization. Whatever the fuck Dakh Daughters are doing, on the other hand, absolutely is.

              *And I can’t think of a dark cabaret band closer to being Real Art than The Dresden Dolls. Maybe Rozz Williams on Dream Home Heartache but that was a one-off from an artist that mostly worked in a different genre.


              1. “Cliff, if you want to demolish me”

                I won’t. I honestly don’t see Poland in any kind of leadership role for lots of reasons that I dont’ have time to list now.
                What I can see sort of happening is a regional thing, with Poland, Ukraine, the Baltics and maybe Czech (probably not Slovakia or Hungary …. Romania? hmmm)
                I don’t know if there’s a precedent for a non-centralized multi-lingual area having that kind of powerful role though.

                re: music, I don’t listen to metal (though I liked American punk back in the day) Polish tastes tend to be toward the…. how do I put this…. unpleasant? “has a nice tune” is more of an insult than praise.
                There’s also the idea that many/most Polish people for years didn’t necessarily know what they liked, they wanted to like what people in other countries (especially US/UK) liked.
                And the Polish public is way too alienated from its own past (esp in things like folk music).

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              2. Regional is fine with me.

                I’m very interested in the awakening of the UK. They were wiping themselves off the map when all of a sudden, there’s Brexit, their feminists are ahead of the rest of the world at fighting the trans lunacy. They fumbled on COVID but in the end they led Western Europe and the US on repealing all restrictions. And now they are leading the worldwide pushback on Russia. Five years ago, I’d say, stick a fork into them, they are done. They are a perennial backwater, doomed to follow the US like a sick puppy. And then all of a sudden, bam!, the UK is back.

                I was hoping that maybe Spain would. . . do something but it’s useless. They are in thrall to the US ultra-woke.


  2. Again, a few minutes ago:

    “Shots fired in Tel Aviv in suspected terror attack
    At least 2 people hurt from gun wounds in two separate locations near the city’s busy Dizzengoff street during the pre-holiday rush”


    My favorite Israeli city, except the one I live in. The most Western and secular area in Israel. 😦 😦

    Do those people believe terror will help? It is a breaking story, so don’t know whether those are Israeli Arabs again, like in 2 former recent terror acts.

    Meanwhile, our politicians have nothing better to do than drag Israel into yet another round of elections. One right wing politician received promises to be in 10th place in Netanyuhu’s party Liqud and left the right wing party of the current government which is likely to fall now, especially if 1-2 additional politicians are bought and leave too.

    I have voted for Liqud many times, and do not have too high an opinion of the current government. Yet after around 5 elections one after another, I want to spit on this woman, Netanuyahu not going away after failing to form government 4 times iirc and all those political opportunists in general. Wish voters would punish them at the polls.


    1. “Netanuyahu not going away after failing to form government 4 times”

      The Israeli political establishment is simply not fit for purpose as the Brits say…. the country desperately needs a new generatio of leaders but the pig Netanyahu* can’t be dragged away from the trough…

      *I know that’s offensive, it’s meant to be.


  3. // From tiny Greece, to equally tiny Spain, to also tiny France and so on, you first create a great culture that is vigorous and self-assured enough to dominate.
    … It was the certainty that God was with them. That’s what wins.

    Well, Israel has this certainty in spades, yet will never be able to dominate, alas.

    All the countries you mention are Christian, so have religious / historical common basis with numerous other states which were willing to be culturally influenced.

    Currently is known that : “Two Israelis were killed, while four are currently seriously wounded in central Tel Aviv. … The area is a popular bar and restaurant area which was full of Israelis enjoying the spring weather, and filling shops ahead of the Passover holiday… two gunmen carried out the attack, with the second assailant still at large. ”

    More nice words from US, this time for Israel:

    // Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland … dismisses proposal of pipeline [to deliver natural gas ] from deposits off Israel and Cyprus – spawned several years ago between European Union members Greece and Cyprus

    she said, the proposed East Med pipeline project wouldn’t be able to immediately deliver the gas Europe now needs to swiftly wean itself of Russian energy because it would run in very deep water and construction would take more than a decade.
    “And frankly, we don’t have 10 years, but in 10 years from now, we want to be far, far more green and far more diverse” in energy sources, Nuland said. “So what we’re looking for within the hydrocarbon context are options that can get us more gas, more oil for this short transition period”. //

    So, it will take a decade, thus do not build it at all? Why?

    Does being “far more green” mean nuclear energy? Because I find it hard to believe Europe won’t need gas due to solar and wind sources.


    1. Greece dominated before Christianity. And Aztecs weren’t Christian when Spaniards arrived. This isn’t a religious thing. It’s a cultural thing.


  4. “I would think it was the guns and superior fighting techniques the Spaniards had.that gave them victory”

    The last I checked the CW was that European diseases gave the Spanish victory (ultimately).

    There was also the fact that the Inca empire wasn’t any nicer than the Spanish (and empires don’t engender broad based loyalty). I remember (in an archeology class0 that there was one crucial encounetr that the spanish won because the indigenous people (who didn’t have much loyalty to the empire they belonged to) left because it was harvest time.

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